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Surion E. Warsaw, Poland
End of Lech Kaczynski presidency Counter

Karamba & Superkaramba by pi3kielny 18 comments

Oh, how f...g sweet :) - Sep 09 2007

Wallpaper Other by annkobzar 2 comments

It's nice. Any more wallpapers like that having sth to do with slackware? :) There are really not many wallpapers for slackware out there. - Aug 31 2007
2 male butts

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by thorsel 6 comments

really :) - Jun 09 2007

Science by ghutchis 10 comments

I am very happy I found this application here. It's quick and easy. Do you plan to add more input generation tools? E.g. for Dalton, Gaussian, Molpro, Dirac? - Jun 09 2007

Science by ijon45 20 comments

First of all!, it is important to use qwt version < 5.0, because krymol uses 4.2.0 version's file qwt_scale.h, which is NOT included in 5.0 release. I suggest you mention it in descrption.

Compiling qwt 4.2.0 from sources is a bit troublesome, you need to install it manually and above all it seems that *.h files need to be in qwt directory... :/

Programme looks very nice but it has too few features to be competitive with molden or so. Please, continue working on this app. :) - Jan 23 2007

Science by constans 40 comments

Oh, how horrible it depends on qt4. I need it desperately :) - Jan 21 2007