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Andrey Nikitin Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation
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Jul 10 2015
It is because of GTK3 version. Theme was developed for GTK 3.8, which i still use. Since GTK 3.10 theme engine was changed, my theme needs to be reworked. - Jul 15 2015
I think it not so easy, adapt gtk2 redmond theme for gtk3. Because of 2-pixel border of classic redmond theme with different color for each pixel. It is hard to achive that effect (and draw other controls of redmond theme) with pure css coding (maybe css gradient command, don`t know...). Briefly, i don`t want to start that work, because i do not use redmond theme for myself.

PS. Sorry for my english. - Dec 05 2013
...And all tests from "gtk3-demo" app pass through without visual errors. - Aug 12 2013
Strangely, for me this theme work just fine in /usr/share/themes folder. But i use archlinux with xfce, and all my few gtk3 applications looks good. - Aug 12 2013
I use xfce 4.10 too (archlinux). And all my few gtk3 apps looks fine. Maybe this is a some "special" application, not all? Can you post screenshot?

And how do you apply this theme? Is there another theme, that looks good? - May 20 2013
I will try to include it in the next release. At the moment, this fix requires a lot of work with other elements. - May 03 2013
Sorry for so late reply. I am not use Gnome Shell and can not verify your message. Google can not help me too ;)

Can you try this experimental version:

If this solves your problem please notify me. - May 03 2013