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Kyle Carter

Pek-WM Themes by sunexplodes 6 comments

That is tint2. - Jul 28 2009

Pek-WM Themes by sunexplodes 6 comments

You need the Murrine engine. - Jul 15 2009

Pek-WM Themes by sunexplodes 6 comments

It's called "Ghostship GTK", also made by me, and it's on gnome-look here: - Jul 14 2009
Ghostship GTK

GTK2 Themes by sunexplodes 5 comments

Heh. That doesn't actually show up in any of the applications on my system EXCEPT for the The Widget Factory, so I didn't go to any great pains to remove it. - Jul 02 2009
Azurite Darkmod

Beryl/Emerald Themes by phunky 10 comments

I've gotta hand it to you, man. I have the toughest time finding Window Decorations that I like. I don't care if it's KWin or Emerald, I'm picky with them.

But this is friggin' BEAUTIFUL. First Emerald theme I've really LIKED.

Great job. - Nov 07 2007
my oxygen theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by metak 6 comments

This is VERY nice. What font are you using? - Nov 05 2007
Kubista: Kubuntu Perfected

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by falco101 17 comments

Not really my style, but very very nice. And MILES beyond the UGLY default. I think the terrible defaults really turn a lot of people away from KDE, this would be a great step to remedy this.
- Nov 05 2007

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by bonafide 45 comments

I managed to find an ancient .deb file of this, using google. Wasn't compatible with my gutsy system, but I extracted it to the necessary directories and it works fine. here's the files: - Oct 13 2007