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Oct 01 2017
Yeah, that fixed it. I changed the cmake install prefix to /usr. I have other compiled applications in /usr/local (audex, kaudiocreator, kid3) that seem to find the needed libraries even though those libraries are in their normal places. I'm a little stumped as to why soundkonverter can't find them when it isn't in /usr. - Jul 30 2013
No difference. I think I may have tried that before, actually, but can't remember now.

I've captured the output of strace soundkonverter in case that might be useful. Here: - Jul 29 2013
Kubuntu 13.04
KDE 4.10.5
all dependencies installed

SoundKonverter starts, but is unable to locate any plugins. Help -> About Plugins is blank. Settings -> Configure -> Backends shows nothing is installed. However, I know they're installed, dpkg tells me so. I don't think I missed anything in the steps for building. Any tips on what to do? - Jul 28 2013