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Simon St James

Various KDE Stuff by SSJ 5 comments

I don't want to make promises on his behalf, but it looks like Kiyoshi (who also provides some hosting for KDE4Daily) might be working on this:

See also Liquidat's blog: - May 27 2008

Various KDE Stuff by SSJ 5 comments

Thank you for creating it - it's a beautiful theme :) - May 27 2008

Various KDE Stuff by sundance 7 comments

Hilarious stuff! You know, if you defined a straight line for each image that bisected the mouth, you could have the dudes speaking, South Park-style! Eventually, we could have an Akregator plugin that monitored and whenever aseigo (or whomever) posted a blog entry, their representative could wander on screen and "read" the summary to you!

A chilling vision of things to come :) - Jan 14 2007