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Mark Hayes Orillia, Canada
Terminal Screenlet

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Aug 29 2010
I'm working on a new version of this Screenlet (been a long time, I know!) with multiple terminals with tabs.

I should have an alpha soon! - Jul 25 2009
I'll look into this. As far as I know, it uses whatever character map is configured for the system by default. - Jul 25 2009
I'm planning on a rewrite soon to bring in tabs and hopefully another feature as well. I will see about having this included in the main packages in the future. - Jul 07 2008
Done and done!

You can now specify a command to launch when the terminal is created.

@Copy/Paste - There is an option to copy and paste on the right click menu. I'll look at adding ctrl+shift+c/v soon though. - Jun 23 2008
Terminal Transparency requires a restart, Screenlet Transparency does not. Also, you need to check the box above the transparency you're trying to apply.

- Feb 13 2008
I'll have another upload soon, I've added user configurable colours for border, background, and foreground. As well as adjustable border width. Just need to work on the transparency a bit so the text stays opaque. - Feb 10 2008
Done and done, sir.

I have 2x22", so I have a lot of screen space and don't always think about making things smaller :P - Feb 10 2008
That's strange.. which version of Screenlets are you using? You could try unpacking the Terminal folder to ~/.screenlets/ - Feb 09 2008
Funnyordie Screenlet

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Jun 29 2008
Wasn't obvious, rather. - Jun 29 2008
Good call Whise, will work on that later on today. Not sure why that was obvious to me :D - Jun 29 2008
Emesene Screenlet

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Mar 05 2008
lol, chances are I didn't. I'll make that change for the next update. - Mar 07 2008
Thanks Whise, edited. - Mar 06 2008