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Nemes Ioan Sorin Bistrita, Romania

DockbarX Themes by M7S 997 comments

0.91.4 as AWN plugin is close to perfection

only one problem - if another app (not my mouse) will raise a minimized window then that window come out without decorations.

If I un-minimize a wimdow, window decorations are there ..but if another app will raise that window then windows decorations are gone. The quick solution is to minimize that window and then raise again to get back decorations.

I am using Mate (Mint 17) + Compiz + AWN - Sep 05 2014
Radiance gray

GTK2 Themes by Lazich 10 comments

Finally - May 23 2011

GTK2 Themes by SkiesOfAzel 337 comments

It was a long waitin' 5 years or so for such theme (and theme controls).

Now GIMP look like an expensive proprietary software ;)

..all in all this theme bring unity - just stick around 5 minutes and I get the idea that my Ubuntu look better not than OSX.

Well polished, nothing more, nothing less, well balanced and discreet, somewhat with an aristocratic air.

Nota bene.
Best of bread.

Ah, btw - is quite fast.. - Dec 09 2010
Best Ever (Preview)

GTK2 Themes by Zak0 54 comments

You stole my idea man ... - Aug 17 2010
Aurora Unified Suite (Preview)

GTK2 Themes by UnixRoot 72 comments

please use a circle as a drag-point for sliders bar, this is a problem in gnome, lots of peoples make horizontally oriented sliders which will not fit for small form spaces(in GIMP or other programs, sometime slider-bar is 50% from total slider width).

Definitely we need Gnome rounded controls for drag-and-slide elements or at least controls where W===H if not H>W (which is better).

This theme is almost perfect - nice and clean - please adjust the slider bars to a rounded or vertically oriented shape(90 degrees rotated) for the slider bar.


Btw I am designer - I can help with mock-ups for now I just miss the right skills to css my themes. - Mar 21 2010
Ubuntu 9.10 (New Flow Wave)

GTK2 Themes by Nael 15 comments

can I know where I can found the solution for OpenOffice menubar ( and Firefox ) - I mean white text on black background.

I need to apply that to Blue Wave theme.

ALso I wanna ask if is possible to have the same New Flow Wave with New Wave scrollbars ? - can I do that by changing images for scrollbars and css rules ?

Thanks - Jun 30 2009

GTK2 Themes by metak 102 comments

one from a very few quality black / gray themes
- May 22 2009
KDE4 Oxygen new port for GNOME

GTK2 Themes by kimmik 48 comments

can be default on any Gnome driven distro - Mar 22 2009
ddragon's GTK blue - squared

GTK2 Themes by ddragon 9 comments

because It looks dated, amateurish and because is too blue.

I am designer - so I think I have my right to affirm those things.

Also the author has it's on his right to make it so.

The real point is - someone think to do something different.

Also - for a negative vote - we need some "professional" explanations - "it looks dated" is not an explanation - many artists like to do art in "classic old style".

"amateurish", well we all are amateurs, from top to down on this earth - believe-me, else why intelligent peoples kill peoples, why our planet are in crisis ? or why in our days we still need gas for cars ? - because of professionals for sure.

At least I found a "super-hyper-mega-profi" reason to vote up - because I can.
- Jan 15 2009

GTK2 Themes by SkiesOfAzel 101 comments

Almost perfect, can we have a lighter version ? - (I mean light grays - as in OR

On the other side - I think - the "perfect theme" - where a lot of Gnome users like to dream about - will be something between your theme and Aurora Engine ( scrollbars ).

If you can try this approach - I'm sure your imetal will stay on top for years.

Thanks for the theme. - Feb 04 2008
Aurora mash up

GTK2 Themes by njal 4 comments

perfect... - Jan 29 2008

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Best Ever (Preview)

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