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Marc F.

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Ahhh dammit! you're right :D. OK i fixed it. Big thanks for pointing that out!! - Aug 02 2011

Conky by snakebyte 10 comments

Hey there, I just uploaded the new Version of the Tweetlet, i fixed all the OAuth bugs and implemented a new API. Also there is no more need to use the Croatoan Library seperately. All your problems should be solved in this new version :) - Jul 27 2011
Hey there,
i just merged the Croatoan-Lib into the screenlet tarball, so you won't need to download the lib separately anymore :) just use the screenlet-manager and install it from there and it will run out of the box.

Cheers! - May 24 2011

Conky by snakebyte 10 comments

I am sorry, but I don't remember where i got the picture from, and i couldn't track down her name either. But I uploaded all her pics i got on my personal website: - Mar 07 2011
To use RSS is a great idea, i just implemented it and i like it a lot, very nice.

I also will implement your other suggestions since i already planed to do some enhancements in the style-sector.

And yes, i forgot to add the information about the Croatoan lib. Unfortunately it has do be downloaded as well because in there i do my whole crawling and time mesurements. Maybe i will make a mini-croatoan version so that the qotd screenlet can be downloaded as one package.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!!
- Feb 26 2011
You are right! Sorry about that, I confused the links on the page. Thank you for pointing it out! i fixed it now. - Feb 25 2011