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Kvantum 27 comments

by Luwx
Score 82.2%
Dec 15 2018
Nice one - Jun 24 2019
Convert WAV audio to MP3

Dolphin Service Menus 2 comments

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Dec 22 2017
Open Dolphin.
Go to: Menu > Settings > Configure Dolphin... > Services > Download New Services...

New window will show, in seach box paste the name of this product and it should appear in the list.
Than just press install. - Jun 23 2019
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Falkon Extensions 3 comments

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Apr 20 2019
Falkon API has no documentaion which I know of.
The bst way for now is to use source code and examples.

I believe most of the Falkon API is included in QML implementation so you need to browse through source code when you are doing something. - Jun 07 2019
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Falkon Extensions 14 comments

Score 60.0%
Jul 19 2019
> I have falkon-git installed

So you have build it yourself from unknown source.
Use the package from Arch repository and it should work.

Are you using PKGBUILD from AUR ?

You have to remove this line from PKGBUILDs prepare() function

sed -i 's/set(ENABLE_PYTHON_PLUGINS TRUE)//' CMakeLists.txt - May 27 2019
Fluent Dark

by Luwx

Score 82.2%
Jun 24 2019
Fluent Dark

by Luwx

Score 82.2%
10   Jun 24 2019
Nice one