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Sergio Torres
MacOS-X Aqua Theme

GTK2 Themes by DannyWu 266 comments

LOL... I'm guessin you are new to linux... not to worry, the dock you see at the buttom of the screen is probably Cairo Dock with a mac theme, you can get it form its website. Also you can try Docky or AWN, they are both pretty good and less bloated. - Mar 28 2011
Rhythmbox Desktop Art

Audio Apps by nedrebo 14 comments

It worked for me too, I was having some troubles with mutagen but now is all fine. I love how this add-on looks. - May 18 2010
Rhythmbox Desktop Art

Audio Apps by nedrebo 14 comments

Same problem here, I searched the web for about two days now and so far nothing, it seems that the problem is that the plug-in is actually not programed to pick up ID3 covers, only the ones that are in the same place as the audio file or at .cache. You can prove this by looking inside /home/username/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/desktop-art/

I found a guy who made a "patch" using mutagen to fetch the covers, but it didn't work for me.

Also there is a branch for supporting embedded cover art in the CoverArt plugin at launchpad, but it seems to be abandoned :(

Hopefully someone will come up with a definitive solution, this is pretty sad. - May 11 2010