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Sergeant Vk Kuopio, Finland
Nautilus Scripts
Audio/Video/Image/Text/ISO Convert

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Jan 05 2017
Nice to see that you are still working with the converter. I have been busy with widows operating systems and have had sum serius trouples with linux on this hardware setup (ohpooh..). BUT I have in school this project going on and your script will be used there.

Stay frosty gents.

- sgt. Vk over and out - Oct 12 2009
It have been a while since I used linux (due hardware upgrade) and now when I were looking into my old favorites I noticed that your script now supports multiple input!!! Thanks marc, I was going to ask that a long time ago, but then I never had the time. good to see that you are still developing our material.

Keep up the great work.

-Sergeant Vk - Mar 25 2009
Same thing on Ubuntu 8.10. Just install faad2 or libfaad0. - Jan 04 2009
Ou! And i am running it as a Nautilus-script..If that helps at all......

-Sergeant Vk - Dec 20 2008
I got a sort of a problem converting .m4a files to .mp3. When i try to convert my music to .mp3 the script gives me this:

"Completed 01_Six_Weeks_Ago.mp3
File size 4398310 01_Six_Weeks_Ago.m4a

ffmpeg last message was:

Stream #0.0: Audio: mp2, 44100 Hz, stereo, 192 kb/s
Stream mapping:
Stream #0.0 -> #0.0
Unsupported codec (id
86018) for input stream #0.0"

and creates a .mp3 file which size is 0 bytes. So it looks like it doesnt support the codec for some reason? I'm quite sure that i have installed everything the script needs.

And i was able to convert .mp3 to .mp3 with different bitrate. But i cant convert .mp3 to .m4a , .m4a to .wav or
.m4a to .m4a

I tried your script because Soundconverter-program i used could not handle thease same .m4a files, it did the same thing as your script just create 0 byte files. Maybe it is something aboot thease files, but it doesn't explain why i can't convert other stuff to .m4a.

PS: I can convert .mp3 to .wav and to .wma starts to look like i miss some codec for real..I just dont know which one.

-Sergeant Vk - Dec 19 2008
sudo Gvim

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Mar 23 2009
Just remembered that by default the skript opens gvim in reverse colors, because I like white on black more. If you want to get rid of this edit the script by removing the command "-reverse" just after the "gvim" command. - Mar 01 2009

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Apr 22 2008
When i install the theme (which is by the way flipping Awesome) theme manager tells me that the theme wont work properly because i dont have a correct GTK engine. So..which GTK engine?
- Jan 07 2009
Simple Dark

GDM Themes 9 comments

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Feb 10 2009
Really enjoy this theme. Nice, dark and smooth :) Keep up the good work. - Dec 21 2008

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by Hirs
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May 08 2010
Oh and...

...If you do all this in nautilus, it probably needs to be restarted, im not sure because i did the file moving in terminal and then opened nautilus. - Oct 24 2008
I did it like this:

1.copy/paste all the stuff from the download link to texteditor. it with name like

3.Move it to the nautilus-scripts folder, which was in .gnome2 folder on me. Ill say that in other words.
Copy the to .gnome2/nautilus-scripts

4.make it executable with command chmod u+x

at this point i went confused, Nautilus script manager says that there is no scripts named when i tried to enable it from the terminal. But after all it seems that you dont need to enable it. just move it to the folder and it started working for me.

Hope this helps.

- Sergeant Vk - Oct 24 2008
Red Hot Gnome!

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Jul 06 2009
nice work. I like it all ready but still i would have a little request.
Could you do a version of it with out the gnome logo? - Oct 22 2008
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Mar 25 2009