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Sadan ro100
OSXbuntu [Usplash] (640x480)

Usplash Themes by ufoka 1 comment

Dude, God bless you
i'll apply it right now!
cheers! - Mar 08 2008
OSXbuntu [Usplash]

Usplash Themes by ufoka 22 comments

Hello buddy!
Sry... i missed your message for a while, but I'd love if I had it in 640x480, I've tried to do something on my on, unsuccessfully. I'll really appreciate if you do it.
Thanks a lot! - Mar 06 2008
OSXbuntu [Usplash]

Usplash Themes by ufoka 22 comments

Hi there, I couldn't get it to work on my Eee PC laptop, with 600x480 resolution.
I've set my Setup-manager to run at 800x480, to try to get closer of 800x600, which is supported by your usplash theme, but I got a screen saying something like "you Passed An Undefined Mode Number", then a went back to 600x480.
Is there any way to get it working on my resolution? Also, is there any way to just add it on Setup-manager window? Or do I necessarily need to compile it (which I've done already)?
I really hope to get it working, cos it fitted PERFECTLY on my other themes.
Thanks a lot
- Feb 27 2008