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Romko Stets , Ukraine

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May 09 2008
> Gah, why haven't I gotten any emails about your comments!

- I dunno. I got one about yours :)

> I'll update Kumblr as soon as possible.

- Cool. It's a pity that tumblr api does not allow posting a link to audio... tumblr allows one audio upload a day.
and there is a bit to finish with Kumblr audio layout (upload progress bar - for now it just shows nothing but upload works fine, I've tested)

- Sep 04 2008
Kumblr is added to the apps list

and I added tags to the latest version - Aug 31 2008
- added missing kumblr functions:
+ audio (upload only. no api support for audio url)
+ private on/off checkbox

- todo:
+ photo/video uploads
+ really needs refactoring
+ upload progress meter - Aug 31 2008
seems like audio doesn't work... - Aug 31 2008
- added blogwrite2 function to
- added missing kumblr functions:
+ conversation
+ photo (url only)
+ video (url/embed only)
+ audio (url only)
- todo:
+ photo/audio/video uploads
+ really needs refactoring

download it here:

hail to peppelorum!

above message crossposted here:

test kumblr posts here:
- Aug 31 2008
btw, there is a mistyped post var name in blogwrite function in

values['priavte'] = private

so it won't be able to set blog post privacy setting on I guess.

have some free time today... maybe will add missing blog post types. - Aug 31 2008
the app is really cool as for 0.1. thank you - Aug 30 2008