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Roger Foss Oslo, Norway
Foxkit Web Browser

Browser by kit 29 comments

A browser with a button labeled "redisplay". Hm, I wonder what it does.. It's position is about where most browser have a "reload" or "refresh" button, but this one says "redisplay".

"Redisplay" indicates the same information will be redisplayed. It doesn't indicate the true function, that a page will be re-retrieved from its source location and then displaye again.

Relabel as "Reload" please. - Jun 11 2008

Video Apps by baetrtram-01 2 comments

What the hell?!
The screenshot of that girl makes me wonder what you were viewing. She's a little too young and underdressed, and she has a sadness about her. - Jun 25 2007

Browser by IndigoJo 11 comments

When entering my blogger account I forgot the initial slash in the Location part, ie /api/RPC2.

That caused QTM to crash, and also to crash immediately every time I tried to run it.

Only after hunting down and editing the configuration file at ~/.config/Catkin Project/QTM.conf was I able to run QTM again...

- May 21 2007
Stickers 7

Cliparts by peterm 34 comments

Is it just me or is that Cyan in the Kubuntu logo? The background color seems a bit off...

Otherwise, great work! - Apr 24 2007
Powered by Kubuntu

Cliparts by minotaur 7 comments

An SVG version would be great - Apr 24 2007
Powered by Ubuntu

Cliparts by minotaur 4 comments

Ah, sorry - I just noticed it in the next entry in my RSS feed. - Apr 24 2007
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Cliparts by minotaur 4 comments

Awesome sticker! Any plans for a Kubuntu version? - Apr 24 2007
Smart Installer

Utilities by brockers 4 comments

It would be great if your script could also disable the default updater icons.
Ie. SUSE Updater and/or the ZMD Updater.
- Mar 14 2007