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Piotr Jankowski
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May 11 2009
Thanks for your comment. Moved. - May 11 2009
Thanks for Your comments. In openSUSE I only have THRM dir in /proc/acpi/thermal_zone. Version 0.2 should work fine regardless of what this directory is called as long as the structure is in place. If anyone knows a better way of retrieving temperature let me know. - May 10 2009
Can you show me the result of:
cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature

what distro are you using?

Well temp did not work for me in the original crystal 9 so I changed it.

Could you look around /proc/acpi/ maybe the temp is there somewhere?

Or is there a better way of retrieving it?

I will look into that. - May 10 2009
This is my very first contribution. Tell me what do you think. Let me know if you would like something modified or if you have any problems. - May 10 2009
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Plasma 4 Extensions
by MJD

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May 10 2009