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J B Uppsala

Utilities by ReMoot 6 comments

Short answer: no

ReMoot is not a remote viewing application. ReMoot will only control the apps mentioned above, either through command line or via programs like Keytouch or Rewwwoot (Rewwwoot is just a web based frontend for ReMoot.)

ReMoot can only send the commands play, pause, playpause, forward, back, mute, volup/down, and stop, not "seek 10s forward". In the next version of ReMoot (coming soon) you will be able to send any command to anything that can take commands from CLI.

What you are looking for is something like VNC. VNC will let you se the sceen of your PC through a device like the N800/810 or any PC (there are both VNC client and server for the N800/810).

The N800 is so much more than a remote! It's a tiny linux computer. Buy one! I'm in love with mine. ;-) - Jan 23 2008

Utilities by ReMoot 6 comments

The volume control is not tied to a specific player, but uses ALSAs "amixer" command. Off the top of my head I have two suggestions:

1) If you use ALSA as sound system and volume setting does not have any effect on any player that uses ALSA, then you need to check which audio channel that is the master channel in your sound card and for your ouput. I have had a report where "Headphone" was the correct name of that channel, instead of "Master". Play around with amixer and find the correct channel, then hunt down the amixer commands in the daemoot file and update these accordingly.

2) If it is *only* Amarok that ignores your volume settings, then have a look at the back-end Amaroks plugs in to by checking its preferences and switch to one that uses ALSA if it does not already.

Let us know how things go so we can provide a fix or info on our wiki!

Andreas - Dec 04 2007
Gnome Multimedia Keys

Amarok 1.x Scripts by browner 41 comments

ReMoot can control multiple programs like Xmms, Kmplayer, RhythmBox, Kaffeine, Banshee, Quodlibet, Totem, Xine, Juk, Noatun and Amarok.

Toghether with LinEAK or KlinEAK ReMoot can make your multimedsia keys work for all those apps without the need to remap keys between use.


LinEAK - Jul 28 2007

Utilities by ReMoot 6 comments

Please contact us if you have feature requests, find bugs or heaps of nicely
documented code to donate.

Contact us here or via the email addresses in the Read Me. - Jul 28 2007