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Hermann Josef Eckl , Germany

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Sep 25 2009
youre icon set is really amazing, I'm using the different flavours to my greatest satisfaction.

unfortunately, in the latest versions I'm missing some icons, they seem to have been "lost":

- the "pictures" icon for nautilus emblems
- the "application data" icon for nautilus emblems
- the "personal" icon for nautilus "emblems"

furthermore, there seems to be an inconsistency in the "system" nautilus emblem: in smaller scaling it shows up as desktop-icon instead of a system icon

maybe it's possible to fix these really quite minor issues?

thank you - Jul 14 2009
A very fine and stunningly beautiful theme, but it has still some minor problems with certain GNOME panel applets: the "contact-lookup-applet" (showing the contacts of evolution) has an input field with very light grey text (as other panel applets, like the revelation applet). If this could be fixed, the themes would be nearly perfect. - May 15 2009

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Aug 03 2009
Thank you, I'm looking forward to your fix for the netapplet. The website of GNOME revelation (the GNOME2 Password manager) is here: - unfortunately ist seems to be down. - Jan 25 2009
First of all: thank you for this excellent theme. I'm using it with great pleasure. - Unfortunately I'm observing two minor problems, concerning the GNOME panel:

1) the Network-Manager-Applet (gnome-netstatus-applet 2.12.2) doesn't show the dark color of the theme, but remains light grey

2) the GNOME revelation-applet shows a very light grey color for the font in its search bar, therefore the search text cannot be seen

I'm using the theme with compiz deactivated and the composite-feature in metacity turned on.

Is there a way to fix these small problems? - Jan 19 2009