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Daniele Pelagatti Firenze, Italy
area.o43 SVG Icon theme

Full Icon Themes by redde 13 comments

no problems at all man :)
I understand your wills and maybe, one day, if I have enough time, I'll start doing application icons..for the moment I'll concentrate on adding some missing icons at the "system" level (like the emblem for a locked folder in nautilus...I really can't find the correct name/placement for that icon!)and consolidating consistency across icon styles. This is already enough to fill all my spare time :-P

thanks for the appreciation! - Apr 01 2009
area.o43 SVG Icon theme

Full Icon Themes by redde 13 comments

Hi mitchtx!
This version was explicitly meant to leave out application icons, they are too much!

I hate when a list alternates custom icons with original ones and this is kinda unavoidable for second level menus (unless I actually create icons for every single app in the world :-) ), In my philosophy it's better everything or nothing...I hate mixups.

Instead I tried to make a theme for "basic" system. The previous version had some missing links causing default gnome icons to be used in system applications like nautilus, firefox, etc.

This version tries to address these issues,I fixed a bunch of icons with missing white border, added a few missing icons and symlinks and voilĂ , at least now my basic system apps use a single icon style (still I need to fix something but we're almost there).
- Apr 01 2009
Mar 31 2009