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May 11 2010
The updated RPM looks good to me. Thanks for packaging! - May 19 2010
In the RPM you packaged the kfilefactory.desktop includes the line "Exec=${HOME}/.kde/bin/ "%F"" but the executeable is located in /usr/libexec/kde4/kfilefactory . - May 17 2010
Please change the Exec= line in the kfilefactory.desktop file to make sure the right kfilefactory script gets executed. Besides please use the newest version available (0.1.1) or are there any problems I am not aware of? - May 16 2010
Please send me a patch or pull request on github. - May 09 2010
Great. Go for it! (: - May 09 2010
Good idea. A license file will be added in the next version. - May 09 2010
Thanks for the feedback. I have updated the script to work for KDE3 and KJDE4 and will upload it. Please test and report if it works for you too. (: - May 07 2010
Thanks for your feedback! (:
I just added support for dolphin. I have only been able to test it within kde3. So if you have kde4 installed please report back. - Jun 10 2009