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Vista Start Menu for Gnome Panel

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Nov 23 2008
I'll make a package that has a tutorial for creating more themes. Check back in a day or so. - Dec 10 2007
I have now created an icon theme for the menu that includes an ubuntu icon. - Dec 10 2007
Yes, i'm working on new icon themes for it right now. - Dec 10 2007
rpgmaker: I'm working on new icon themes for it right now. Check back later today. - Dec 10 2007
Thanks for the advice, I'll fix that up. - Dec 10 2007
Yes, that's underway, that's a bit of a bigger overhaul of the theme system, so it might be later today it's finished. - Dec 10 2007
Can you run this in a terminal, open the menu that appears on your desktop, and then email the output of the terminal to me

python2.5 /usr/lib/vistamenu/ run-in-window
- Dec 10 2007
Just letting you know that I have updated it, and you can now customize all those buttons in the preferences dialog. - Dec 10 2007
Thanks =) - Dec 10 2007
I'll look into fixing that. Thanks for telling me about it. - Dec 10 2007
You can get menu icons by enabling button icons on the gtk theme you are using.

Another thing, does the menu show up in your taskbar at the top, as it should not be doing that. - Dec 10 2007
Sure, I'll make it so you can customize all the buttons down the right hand side, look back here in a couple of hours and it'll be done. - Dec 10 2007
Sure, I'll make a new set of icon themes, hang on a day or two and it'll be done. - Dec 10 2007
Download the archive, unpack it all to a folder somewhere, double click the file that says "click here to install me!!" and type in your password. Then right click on the panel, go 'add to panel', and it will be there right at the bottom of the list.

If any of that doesn't work, please inform me and i'll fix it right away. - Dec 10 2007
Thanks for your help and suggestions, I'll bear those in mind when I update this soon. - Dec 10 2007
I've updated it, the menu will work (no settings to change) on both the top and bottom of the screen. The round bit sticking above the panel can't be shown like this however, and that is a problem with the gtk panel theme. I will in future redesign the theme system to make it look better and less 'floaty' when it comes down from the top. - Dec 10 2007
Go right click on the panel and 'Add to panel', and it should be there on the list. - Dec 10 2007
It should install the modules to /usr/lib/vistamenu, install the Themes folder to /usr/share/vistamenu, place the bonobo server file in /usr/lib/bonobo, and symlink to the main python program from /usr/bin
I have no idea how to make a proper linux installer, and this worked when I tested it on a VM. If you can point me in the right direction to making it, I would appreciate it. I assumed (without any research into it) all linux distros have the same structure as ubuntu does for this method of installation. - Dec 10 2007
The idea behind my last paragraph in the description was to let other people add their own ideas, themes and talent to the menu, hence it will evolve into something unique and better, just in the same way linux evolved out of unix. - Dec 10 2007
Your feedback on how well it installed and worked for you would be appreciated =) - Dec 10 2007
If you actually downloaded and tried the menu, you'd find it has a number of improvements on the microsoft version, that make it a useful and clutter free way of getting around on linux. If you want to make it less microsoft like, why don't you design a new theme for it, instead of slag it off? - Dec 10 2007