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Nov 23 2008
I'll look into this for you. I have noticed this issue and will try and resolve it for the next release. - Mar 24 2008
I really don't know what is wrong unless you are a little more specific and do some debugging of this yourself.
Firstly, What version of what distribution are you running?
Secondly, Can you try modifying an existing bonobo server so that it can work with your menu.
Thirdly, Is the menu showing up in the panel add list? Or is it not showing up there at all.

I may be able to help you if you can answer those questions. - Mar 24 2008
Any gtk theme. So long as it looks good. The one used in the above screenshots is aero-clone - Mar 22 2008
From this amazing artist's gallery - Mar 19 2008
This only happens when your usericon is a jpeg, it works when it's a png.
Thanks for pointing out this bug to me, I'll be sure to fix it in the next release.

For now you can save your userpic as a png, and update it in the gnome 'about me' dialog. - Mar 18 2008
are you using gnome?
change all gksu commands to sudo and then run it from the terminal.

I'll hopefully be making package manager versions sometime soon. - Mar 18 2008
The path of the email client is controlled by GNOME in the 'Preferred Applications' Dialog.

Being able to change the language is a long way off for the menu, as the buttons and their text are images. If you want to change the path of the folder that for example 'my music' opens, go to the menu preferences and under 'button actions' you can change where each of the right hand buttons launches to. - Mar 15 2008
Is the menu not appearing in the panel add list, or does it appear then fail to load on the panel?
Any debugging information would be appreciated. If your install is in another language, then you might want to check the bonobo activation file, I have not configured it for other languages. It's in the install package.

Are you using compiz? Try enabling compiz when you add the panel to the menu. - Mar 10 2008
Try going to a terminal and typing run-in-window

and if the menu fails to run, an error message will be present there, please post it to the website here. If the menu appears correctly outside of the panel, then it may be a problem with your bonobo activation server, or install of linux. Try reinstalling the menu one more time. - Mar 10 2008
To make it look correct on the top panel requires a visual redesign of the menu, so feel free to do design more menus yourself.
Have you tried installing the required dependencies in the readme file, then you should get icons on the menu. - Mar 09 2008
Looks like you don't have the application-default-icon.png there on the last line. You could copy a simmilar icon in its place there as a temporary fix. But im not going to be working on this menu for a while to come. New job and such. - Feb 11 2008
To fix this the quick way before the next release, type
sudo gedit /usr/lib/vistamenu/

and at line 254 change
self.Menu = self.Menu.getMenu(self.L_Paths[index])


self.Menu = self.BaseMenu.getMenu(self.L_Paths[index]) - Jan 29 2008
This bug is new and seems to occur when the menu parser fails to load an icon that XDG thinks is there. If you can use the menu editor to change the icon of the menu item below the last one shown on a broken submenu then it will work.
I will add this as a bug and fix it in the next release. - Jan 23 2008
sorry to hear that it didn't fit your requirements for a menu. Any suggestions for improving it?

To remove the shadow, go to your compiz settings (ccsm), go to 'window decorator', and where it says shadow windows, change !dock to any
- Jan 23 2008
Are you running Ubuntu Hardy?
I am and have the same problem. Therefore it makes developing the menu harder, and this seems to be a bug in the underlying packages that support widget integration into the gnome panel.
The reason there has been little development on the menu in the last 2 weeks is because I have started a new job and have alot of other complications that prevent me from having all the spare time in the world that I would wish for, so hang in there, I will get around to this eventually. - Jan 23 2008
What distribution are you using, and do you have python-cairo installed? - Jan 06 2008
Any debug advice on why search is not working would be very much appreciated. It uses simple string function library based search techniques that should not fail, but I have seen this bug before. Could you try a debug of this to see if you can get any info on the bug at all, for me the search works perfectly in all testing environments I have used so far, so I have no way of finding the problem.

The speed of the menu will dramatically improve if you use the new cairo based menu window (even with nicer looking effects and transitions). The panel top not aligning is the longest standing bug to date, it is a problem of gnome applet event passthroughs, and currently it is impossible to capture a configure event in code, and any help whatsoever in resolving that would be greatly appreciated. I am at the point of giving up on it almost because it lowers the visual quality of the overall menu by not aligning correctly. - Jan 06 2008
I have fixed the menu subfolders bug, however the next version might take awhile to come out as the menu is getting new features.
To fix this the quick way before the next release, type
sudo gedit /usr/lib/vistamenu/

and at line 254 change
self.Menu = self.Menu.getMenu(self.L_Paths[index])


self.Menu = self.BaseMenu.getMenu(self.L_Paths[index]) - Jan 05 2008
Yes, I have fixed that for the next release. However this release may take awhile due to the large number (and complexity) of new features being added.

If you want to change this manually right now, type sudo gedit /usr/share/vistamenu/Themes/0/themedata.xml and change Height="64" to Height="65"
and do the same for the other theme
sudo gedit /usr/share/vistamenu/Themes/1/themedata.xml - Jan 05 2008
Yes, I have fixed that for the next release. However this release may take awhile due to the large number (and complexity) of new features being added.

If you want to change this manually right now, type sudo gedit /usr/share/vistamenu/Themes/0/themedata.xml and change Height="64" to Height="65"
and do the same for the other theme
sudo gedit /usr/share/vistamenu/Themes/1/themedata.xml - Jan 05 2008
I can take a look at those for you. Synaptic can also be launched with 'Default programs', and this works correctly. - Jan 05 2008
The new version is slower because it does not cache the menu, therefore it will respond to changes in the menu (like installing or removing a program) whilst it is in operation.
Another limiting factor is the speed of creating and destroying the gtk widgets used on the menu. The gtk based menu will be replaced by a default cairo-based menu, which is far faster than the gtk one, even with animations! Looks better too.

I don't quite understand these two states of metacity you describe with the icon problem. What file type are the icons you are trying to load, svg, png, or xpm? - Jan 05 2008
can you go to a terminal and type run-in-window

and email the output to me if there are any errors.

qb89dragon - Jan 05 2008
what distro are you running?
and have you tried using a standard gtk widget set such as clearlooks? have you checked you have met all the dependencies listed in the file entitled READ ME FIRST in the installer package. - Jan 04 2008
I found the search box problem on a friends computer as well when I installed it. However it seems that it isn't a dependency problem because it works perfectly on a brand new install of ubuntu. I think it might be parsing something that makes it unhappy from your file. If you send me your file, I can take a look for you.

As for the icon problem, I don't know if there's anything I can really do about it as it is a cairo or icons bug, and hopefully it'll get fixed along with alot of bugs in other parts of gnome that hinder certain features/functionality on this menu. - Jan 03 2008
No variables (other than globals) are stored outside of classes which are used and then destroyed with the menu.
The only memory leak I know of is with the recent items menu, and that chews up 50mb at a time.
However I'll take a look and see if I can isolate the problem. If you have any more ideas as to why it is leaking, your input would be very much appreciated - as I am very new to python and programming on linux in general. - Jan 03 2008
Thanks for your interest in my menu. If you could please tell me of any bugs you identified then I could set about trying to resolve them in future versions.
I am currently working on the theme package installer, after which, outlines of the process to make themes for this menu will appear in the installer package. - Jan 03 2008
I installed an aero clone gtk theme - Jan 03 2008
the menu button is one of the two menu button themes available in the preferences window. The white background is because you are using a panel background image which is not currently supported. Hope that helps, I'll try and resolve the white background issue within the next few versions. - Jan 02 2008
I'm afraid the only way to do this is manually right now. Go to /usr/share/vistamenu/Buttons/ and create a new folder with the number up from the one displayed, and copy the same file structure and such as on one of the existing themes, substituting the icon for your one.

Then type sudo gedit /usr/lib/vistamenu/Settings.xml and change ButtonMax="1" to ButtonMax="2", and that will give you a new button theme. - Jan 02 2008
change your default mail client to evolution in the gnome control panel. Then go to preferences and change the name used on the icon to 'Evolution'. - Jan 02 2008
Does the problem go away if you turn the cairo effects quality to 0.85 - Jan 02 2008
Is it the same problem as here:

What distro do you run, and do you run a compositing manager such as compiz fusion? - Jan 02 2008
I've fixed the other two bugs now with 1.05. - Jan 02 2008
I did a clean install on my system and was unable to reproduce the grey icon window. What distro are you running, and what compositing manager are you using?
Does cairo-clock run correctly on your computer? - Jan 02 2008
I can confirm the spacing problem on clearlooks and a few other themes. I'll increase the minimum button width, however that makes alot of redundant space on other gtk widget themes.

I don't know why your icon at the top isn't working. Can you try redownloading from the site and trying to install it.

The reason the menu button top isn't displayed is because I have upgraded the cairo module for it and am still working on getting it's functionality to be the same quality as the rest of the menu.

Also as you have used both this and the previous version, do you think the search bar is better/more useful in this version than the previous one?

qb89dragon - Jan 02 2008
Gnome-look failed to upload the new version. Try downloading this again and you'll see it in the menu theme tab of the preferences window. - Jan 02 2008
I'm sure now. Gnome-look failed to notice I had uploaded the new version of it. - Jan 02 2008
the vista start button isn't the default theme - Jan 01 2008
and if you actually took a look at it instead of just opening your big mouth right away you would realize that it has different designs for features and improvements. It is also a framework for almost unlimited theming and new designs that would put it ahead of the original microsoft one. So either shut up or make a better menu yourself. - Jan 01 2008
I have looked into the problem and discovered that it is a normal function of the operating system to keep terminated processes in the table so that the app that spawned them can refer to them. These 'zombie' apps do not hinder system performance. I will try and get PID termination events into this, my first two attempts have been unsuccessful, and I might not be able to fix it in the next version. - Dec 31 2007
Can you give a little more detail on the problem?
Are these zombies only for programs launched via the menu?
I am aware of the current-directory not being set when programs are launched.
I'm working on a majorly upgraded version of the menu that'll be on here in a few days. - Dec 29 2007
It opens whatever your default browser and email client are set to, look in 'preferred applications' in the gnome control panel. - Dec 18 2007
Why is that? Can you tell me of any regression that I can fix in 1.04 instead? - Dec 14 2007
If you can find the problem or any clues as to why it's not working, that would be very much appreciated. Running python2.5 /usr/lib/vistamenu/ run-in-window from the terminal should produce a functioning menu on your desktop. If it does, then it is most likely a bonobo problem (however nothing with the server and registration of the applet has changed in the last 3 versions), if it gives you an error in the terminal, then it is another bug somewhere in the program, and that info, if you could send it to me, will allow me to fix that right away.
Thanks. - Dec 11 2007
I'm open to name suggestions if you have any. - Dec 11 2007
Various themes and a theme creation guide is underway. - Dec 11 2007
What distro are you running? Can you paste the terminal output of python2.5 /usr/lib/vistamenu/ run-in-window - Dec 11 2007
Thanks. I have been using this menu in pretty much the same state as it is now for about 2 months now on my own machine, and have a very comprehensive list of all the bugs and features I want to implement into it already. And progress is underway at releasing a theme creation package. However if this menu is to get as far as you predict, some real coding talent is needed, I have very little experience in coding on linux, and am totally stuck in a number of areas, primarily with event triggers in gtk and the panel, and would be glad to have some more competent and experienced hands to assist in this project. - Dec 11 2007
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Mar 11 2008
this package contains an outdated version of 'Vista Menu'. The newer version is much improved and I would recommend adding it. - Jan 05 2008