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Nov 23 2008
It's a problem with me needing to spend the time to figure out how to do it in software, and it's not an easy task at that! Be patient and I'll get round to it eventually. Or use a GTK theme that already comes with a panel background, such as aero clone. - Jun 26 2008
Cool. Thanks for the info, I'll do that. - Jun 25 2008
The blue wave theme not working is because I forgot to update the theme backend for that before I uploaded.

To see why your searchbar isn't working (probably dependencies), go to a terminal and enter run-in-window and hit enter and paste the debug output here so I can figure out what it is.

I would very much appreciate a polish translation. My msn name is hughescih at hotmail com

I have plans to make the first page you see as the most commonly opened programs. - Jun 25 2008
Nobody has translated it to French yet, I would be very grateful if you could do it. - Jun 25 2008
Did you try deleting the .VistaMenuSettings.xml in your home directory. - Jun 24 2008
Just remove the 'deskbar' part, it is installed on ubuntu gutsy and up by default. The name has probably changed to what it is now. - Jun 24 2008
Delete your .VistaMenuSettings.xml in your home directory (hidden file). It happens that some themes arent fully updated yet to support the new software. - Jun 24 2008
Delete your .VistaMenuSettings.xml in your home directory (hidden file). It happens that some themes arent fully updated yet to support the new software. - Jun 24 2008
Try reinstalling the menu, the problem seems to be that the menu didn't get fully installed. You could try running the installer (in the folder called installer in the setup package) from a terminal and see if you have and issues with being able to write to certain directories as root.
Otherwise, it might be a problem with your version of python xmlminidom. What distro/version of distro are you running?
- Jun 24 2008
Try deleting the panel and recreating the panel. Check that there is a symbolic link from /usr/bin/ to /usr/lib/vistamenu/ - Jun 24 2008
This may help identify the problem:
Open a terminal, enter just '', press enter, and nothing should happen. But then try and add an instance of the menu to the panel and it will use the instance in the terminal and you should get some debug output.
Also, what distro/version are you using?
- Jun 23 2008
Can you please go to a terminal and enter run-in-window
and then paste any output from that window in here. - Jun 23 2008
graphics settings and system commands haven't been put into the settings yet, it's beta remember =)
If you want to change those options, gedit ~./.VistaMenuSettings.xml

I'm not sure I understand your description of the problem with the panel button, but a screenshot would be helpful.
- Jun 22 2008
thanks =) - Jun 22 2008
thanks =) - Jun 22 2008
I don't exactly know what is causing it. However a vast number of changes have been made to the upcoming version that most likely will resolve this issue. If it still persists after I post version 1.08, then please let me know. - Jun 20 2008
- If you run it from a terminal, do you get any errors opening and closing the menu?
- Are you running KDE alongside GNOME? - Jun 20 2008
go to your home directory, 'view hidden files' and delete .face (your user picture), which may be incompatible - Jun 19 2008
The next version or two should fix the panel background issue.
However it sounds like you didn't install the dependencies listed in the readme file.
If doing that doesn't work, then run in a terminal run-in-window
and post on this thread what any errors are. - Jun 17 2008
There isn't a button template other than the files that are in the package. The much improved version 1.08 of the menu is going to be released (along with it's debian package) in a few days however.
I'd be grateful if I could have your arch package linked on the main page here. Contact me with your msn name if you want to have the version 1.08. - Jun 15 2008
XP is one of the themes on the upcoming version of the menu, 1.08. It's been awhile in the making as I have a difficult job and alot of other stuff getting in the way of making it. If you want to try it out (it's fully function, just doesn't yet have a graphical settings window) then message me and i'll send it to you. - Jun 12 2008
En la version de 1.08, est seulment en texte. Si vous ajouter moi à msn, je expliquai tous. Mon address MSN est hughescih @ - Jun 08 2008
Es possible pour vous avez traduir la prochaine version au menu à français? - Jun 07 2008
Is there any copyright on it or any credit that needs to be given to the author beforehand? - May 29 2008
There's something called "preferences"... - May 24 2008
What error message do you get? - May 22 2008
When you say 'start menu image', what exact image are you talking about. The button on the panel that you click to open the menu, or the background image to the entire menu itself?
If you run run-in-window
from a terminal, do you get any error messages?
- May 22 2008
Make sure the dependencies are installed (readme file), and that you have python2.5 installed. Then check your computer's memory as there's nothing in the code working outside of python or python-wrappers that could generate a memory error. Maybe you could post the specific error so that I could identify the issue. Chances are it's been fixed already - as most of the code has been rewritten for the upcoming version. - May 18 2008
Just wait for the next version of the menu where multiple panel sizes will be supported. Work on this feature is underway already. - May 10 2008
Wait for the next version that's coming out in a couple of days. It, and a lot of things, will be improved or fixed. - May 05 2008
That's under the gconf settings, there are guides on the net for how to do that. - Apr 28 2008
The bottom panels are part of the theme (read a few posts up for link). What's wrong with the menu? What could I improve to make it so you would choose it? - Apr 27 2008
That's not a bug in my menu. It's a bug either in the python-xdg module, or the fact that you don't have read permission of the directory '/home/abhinav/.local/share/applications/wine'. Try changing the permissions of that folder first to get rid of the error. Also, what distribution of linux are you running? - Apr 24 2008
that's a feature of compiz

download compizconfig settings manager.
Then open it, go to general options, click the opacity settings tab,
create a new window opacity, Type and select the opacity (somewhere around 80 to 95) and hit ok. You can also add name=gnome-panel
If you have a better graphics card, enable alpha transparency blur. These are all, however, not features of this menu, but just general desktop settings. - Apr 23 2008
If you are having issues, make sure all the required packages are installed from the readme file.

Then if it still doesn't work, open a terminal, type run-in-window

And paste any errors it generates back in here so I can see what went wrong. - Apr 23 2008
ViStart has a totally incompatible theme format that would require an entire rewrite of the menu to support. At the moment massive changes to the code and backend are underway to make it able to support a much greater variety of themes while at the same time making it easier to create those themes.

Other features like a shortcut key to open the menu, language support, packaged versions for debian, better searching, faster load times and support for multiple panel sizes are all underway.

I would really appreciate help with designing new (and not windows-based) themes for the menu. If you want to help do that, please email me your msn contact name. - Apr 22 2008 - Apr 17 2008
That's because it's not yet using panel backgrounds. This will come in the next version when I have time to work on it.
For now you can use a gtk theme that has a nice panel background. - Apr 14 2008
Im working on it, but I have very little time to code. Either disable the panel top or change the menu size for the time being. - Apr 13 2008
Disable all effects using cairo. These two options are in preferences -> graphics.
Also wait for the next version which contains speed fixes. - Apr 02 2008
Try reloading your gnome session, then reinstalling the program again. - Mar 31 2008
Please read the release notes, particularly the 'known issues' section. It has been fixed for the next release. - Mar 31 2008
Two questions for you:
Did the old theme you have work in the gnome main menu?
What kind of icon files did this theme have? svg or png or something else? - Mar 30 2008
This is done through the compizconfig settings manager "advanced desktop effects settings". This is not done through the menu.
Don't change the alpha transparency of the menu theme. To change this download the advanced desktop effects settings for compiz, and go in there and go to general options (the first one), then "opacity settings" (tab along the top), and add these two lines:
class=Gnome-panel to 80 to 90

you may also want to configure gaussian alpha blur so that text is easier to read on the menu. - Mar 30 2008
I can only fix it if you tell me what is wrong with it.
It's your install and your system and I can't magically see past the default image file it loads when it can't find the icons.
What theme are you using, and are they png or svg or any other kind of file format for the icons.
Does your icons do that on the ubuntu default menu, in which case I'd recommend setting the default values back or setting your icon theme back to the original and see if it still does it in the menu.
Try running the menu (and opening it) in a terminal by executing run-in-window and pasting the debug or any error messages here so that I can see what is going on. That's the only way it's going to get fixed. - Mar 29 2008
The next version of the menu will have the text in the xml backend. However as the new features list is high for this, it'll be a while before it's released. - Mar 29 2008
You can change the language by helping us improve the software and writing/modifying it yourself. - Mar 28 2008
Check that you have the permissions set so that 'root' is the owner of the file, but you still have the permissions to be able to read the file. Also disable the "allow execution" checkbox in the permissions tab as well. (you will need a root nautilus session to do that, press alt+f2 and type gksu nautilus /usr/lib/bonobo/servers ). Hope that helps. The file emblem there means that the file is unreadable. - Mar 28 2008
Can you try unpacking the tar.gz archive to a folder on your desktop before clicking the install script. Clicking it from inside the archive will not allow it to be installed.

This menu works on 8.10 beta. I'm using that version right now.

Are your bonobo server files installed to /usr/lib/bonobo/servers and if so, is there a GNOME_VistaMenu.server file in there. If there isn't, why don't you try copying the file in there manually. Restart gnome before checking that the Vista Menu is in the panel add dialog. - Mar 25 2008
by Whise
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Sep 03 2008
Nice work! - Jun 14 2008