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Jun 02 2011
Thanks for letting me know this issue. I know what the problem is, and I need to create a new buttonmap for this device. I can get to it in the next day or so.
If you are aware of how to use the xsetwacom command, I would be very grateful if you could tell me what button number each of your express-keys map to. E.g. 'top-left = Button1', 'top-right = Button2', etc. - Aug 31 2010
This app is called 'wacom control panel'. Wacom doesn't make your tablet so it can't be configured here I'm afraid. Look into the device support on linux, if it can be configured by the xsetwacom command then it's not too hard to set expresskeys or pressure curves from the commandline. - Aug 31 2010
Python scripts cannot be run by the sh command in the way you posted.
Please can you run the program by this command and post any errors or output:
'python /usr/share/wacom-utility/' - Aug 28 2010
Does the version I posted today work for you? - Aug 27 2010
Are you able to change settings on the device via the xsetwacom command?

What is the output of 'xsetwacom --list' ? - Aug 27 2010
Are you able to change settings on the device via the xsetwacom command?

What is the output of 'xsetwacom --list' ? - Aug 27 2010
Are you able to change settings on the device via the xsetwacom command?

What is the output of 'xsetwacom --list' ? - Aug 27 2010
Hi Phil,
The support for this tablet is already in the program here. You'll need to do a little more specific troubleshooting.
-Does the tablet work when you first plug it in?
-What version of what OS are you running?
-Does the program detect the tablet, then fail to configure it?
-Are any error messages generated when the program is run by the command 'python /usr/share/wacom-utility/' - Aug 27 2010
What is the USB device ID of your model. (type lsusb in terminal and it's the xxxx:xxxx on the line that is your tablet). - Jul 28 2010
It is in your preferences menu. - Jul 28 2010
As the device is so new, I have no way of knowing how functional this tablet is on the underlying commands and drivers that this application relies upon. You may have to do your own configuring to get the tablet working.

Once you have got it functional, you can try pasting the saved configuration commands found in your home directory as .wacom_utility into the terminal and see if there are any errors thrown. - Jul 20 2010
I've added your tablet to the app. Let me know if you have any problems (e.g. with button mapping). - Jul 17 2010
I believe it's either a driver or an 'xsetwacom' problem. This app acts as a frontend for that, the actual device support is maintained within ubuntu and the developers of that driver. So it's best to go and post a bug report with them. I posted the link to that for someone else, I think it's on the next page of comments back. - Jul 13 2010
The fact you can adjust it in mypaint says it's not a driver issue. I'll try and track down where the fault lies at some other time as I'm quite busy with work related things right now.
Thanks for the info on tracking down this problem though! - Jul 08 2010
Then unfortunately it's a problem with the underlying xsetwacom functions and the driver. If you manage to install a functional driver, the app should work normally.

Can you tell me what version of ubuntu you're using, and if you have a modified 10.wacom or xorg.conf file, and if the pressure support is currently working in GIMP? - Jul 08 2010
What doesn't work on your tablet? Detection of the device, or ability to map buttons or define a pressure curve?

Can you send me the USB id of your device by typing lsusb in a terminal?71 - Jul 08 2010
I don't remember the numbers. Set the app to the pressure curve you want, close the app down and it saves the preferences for the next boot in ~/.wacom_utility . The default straight line pressure curve is 0 0 100 100 - Jul 08 2010
It's best done inside the app here. Only a range of certain values are allowed in xsetwacom and the app ensures that the curve stays within those bounds. - Jul 07 2010
I can't find any direct reference to doing it. Your best bet is to learn how to use the xsetwacom command, it's well documented and lets you discover the features of your device.

Alternatively, you could set an extreme pressure curve that slopes very sharply and that would have the same effect. The script to do that is fairly easy too.

To revert all settings to the ones saved in this app, you can run:
/usr/share/wacom-utility/ -c - Jul 07 2010
If pressure sensitivity isn't working then it's a driver problem. Check out for more info on how to get it going. - Jul 06 2010
Try it now and let me know if anything doesn't work. - Jul 06 2010
If your wacom touchscreen is configurable through xsetwacom and is based on the USB bus then I can get this to work. Send me the USB id of your device and I'll add it. However advanced configuration features for it are not yet added to this. - Jul 06 2010
If it didn't detect it, then you have a newer USB id for it. Type lsusb in terminal and send me the 8 digit code next to wacom like xxxx:xxxx. - Jul 06 2010
Source code is there. I've explained this many times to people in the comments. - Jul 06 2010
Hi, I'm not sure what exactly you mean by key role? Do you mean a different button mapping for both pen and eraser?

I've fixed the issue with button mapping on your tablet though. Let me know if you still have any problems.34 - Jun 26 2010
Yes it's pretty easy to install.
Open a file manager window as root (in gnome this is gksu nautilus). Find the deb package, right click and open in archive manager. Double click 'data', and it opens another file browser, click the '.', then usr, share, and extract the contents of applications to your /usr/share/applications folder. And extract the wacom-utility to /usr/share/wacom-utility.

That should install it as an application on your computer.

You can also just extract the wacom-utility folder to your desktop (not as root) and double click and click - Jun 26 2010
I can confirm the same bug on my end here too with the intuos 3.
It's not my app, it's a bug in xf86-input-wacom, the package that installs xsetwacom.

This is an active bug and a fix should be released soon by the devs. I have tested the maverick (10.10) version, and had no luck with that right now, but the bug report does indicate a fix is out there.4%26& - Jun 20 2010
Hi, if it's modifying your xorg file, then you probably downloaded the version for ubuntu 8.10, and not the version for ubuntu 10.04.

If that's not the problem then can you go to a terminal and run 'python /usr/share/wacom-utility/' (without the quotes).

Try and set your buttons, then close the program by pressing the 'close' button in the bottom right.

Copy and paste the entire output in the terminal into here.

Thanks.` - Jun 20 2010
Ok. Give the latest version a shot, it might work with your Intuos 4. - Jun 20 2010
If I try and get the intuos 4 supported on this, are you willing to test it for me?
I only have an intuos 3 and the 4 is a very different tablet.
Send me an email at hughescih at hotmail dot com, and I'll send you a package to try out. - Jun 20 2010
It's working on 10.04 now. Thanks for waiting. - Jun 17 2010
It's working on 10.04 now. Thanks for waiting. - Jun 17 2010
This is a frontend for xsetwacom and wacomcpl. It doesn't actually interface to the tablet itself, it just talks to those programs. When they support it, then I can make this program support it. - Mar 31 2010
Hi yes it does use the xsetwacom command. I'll look into adding support for it for you. It might take me awhile as I'm swamped with software projects right now I'm afraid. - Mar 11 2010
Thanks for your suggestions.
As this app is a gnome front-end for the wacom-tools package, I can only implement features that the wacom-tools devs have made available. This is in regard to your TPCButton issue. Also if you are using ubuntu, the use of xorg.conf to configure tablets is deprecated in favor of HAL, which is in turn being deprecated with the new release coming next month. I will bear it in mind when rewriting this app for ubuntu 10.04 and see what I can do to make TCPButton work for you. - Mar 10 2010
Hi Holger,

If you can't see the tablet at this point then it means that the folks who maintain code over at the linux wacom project don't know about this new tablet from wacom either (usb product id 00d3).

My work is just to make and maintain a gnome graphical frontend for this tool.

Try uninstalling wacom-tools package, downloading the source-code from

You then need to go into the file src/xdev/wcmUSB.c at line 413, add the following:
{ 0xd3, 2540, 2540, &usbBambooFun }, /* BambooFun 6x8 */

Then compile and install following the build instructions on their website

I will submit this information to their developers so that the issue is resolved in upcoming releases - and hopefully that will make it into the next release of ubuntu.

Please post back and let me know if the line added works for you.

Thanks for your help. - Jan 01 2010
Hi Holger,
The issue you are having is because Wacom have come out with new models that have new USB ids.
I have to wait until I'm home from the holidays before I can build an updated package with your tablet included, however here is a quick fix to get you by in the mean time (if you're feeling technical enough)!

1) Press Alt + F2
2) Type into the window:
gksu gedit /usr/share/wacom-utility/

3) Add this line into the list, keep the formatting the same as the other items in the list, indentation of the line must be the same too.
self.Tablets.append(tablet("CTE_450", "Wacom BambooFun", 0xd3))

4) Save and relaunch the program. Good luck! - Jan 01 2010
Hi there,
Thanks for your interest however I should point out that Wacom control panel is merely a front-end for the functionality of the wacom-tools libraries, you are much better off taking up your issue with them as they maintain and provide the functionality upon which this program works.
QB89Dragon - Nov 17 2009
- What version of what distro are you running? (e.g. Ubuntu 9.04)

- What version of wacom control panel did you download. By the looks of it you should be using the latest version made for ubuntu 9.04. - Sep 15 2009
Glad it's working for you now =) - Sep 01 2009
This is a frontend gui for the wacom-tools package. If you have a problem with support for tablet PCs, then tell them, not me. You also could be more descriptive of what your problem actually is. Your hardware list from lspci, and what version of what OS you are running. - Aug 20 2009
UCC - Ubuntu Control Center

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Aug 09 2010
Nice app. This is definitely a direction I feel ubuntu should go with regards to settings.

A few comments on technical issues with this app tho:

- You have a bad uninstall script in your package, don't rm -R /usr/local/bin

- Secondly I don't want to have to install every configuration utility you think users want, it should work to guide us to our settings, not to install configuration tools for things the average user never needs, e.g. firewall or joystick configuration.
You might offer to launch a graphical installer if say they want to configure their firewall - but I wouldn't go beyond that in terms on intrusiveness.

- Thirdly, a search field would be a nice touch

Good work on the rest of it, especially the UI style =) - Jun 18 2010
Cairo Menu

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Jan 02 2011
Go to
.cairomenufavourites in your home folder (it's a hidden file)

edit the file in gedit and delete each line one at a time and save the file every time, the menu will appear when you've removed the one that is causing the problem. - Mar 30 2010
Unfortunately you need to upgrade to at least intrepid. The python gio module was released in intrepid. So you are quite a ways behind by now. - Oct 07 2009
The short: Hardy is too old to be supported.
If you hit up a terminal and type /usr/lib/CairoMenu/ run-in-window
and paste the debugging output in here, I can either fix it or tell you why it doesn't work. - Oct 06 2009
Maybe it would also be jarring if I pointed out that free software isn't like a ordering food in a restaurant - you can't command its creators at your every whim with your snappy little remarks and blunt requests.
If something is not to your taste, make it better - that's why it's called open source.
To answer your question, one of the reasons the menu is fast is that it does not use GTK widgets and themes, because it consists of multiple pages of items, creating and destroying many gtk objects would slow it down considerably. Making one or two colors match that of a gtk theme is not a problem and will be considered later on if I code more flexible theming into the menu. However at this point there are still a number of bigger things to work on.
To answer your second question. I was thinking of putting an option of a default page into the preferences menu. When creating the menu I decided that it was more functional to keep it on the same page because it's more annoying to click back 10 times to open up 10 recent items than it is to click once to move over to favorites to launch a program. - Aug 05 2009
Thank you. And yes I will be creating a PPA so this can automatically update itself. - Aug 05 2009
You right click on an item, and go 'add to favorites'.

I will make more button plugins later that have different designs. - Aug 05 2009
It's still a work-in-progress, so be sure to host the file only on here (by sending me the link), or subscribe to it so that you are notified when an updated version is released.
However deb packages of python code are no mystery. Simply open it with archive manager and all the code is there.
Copy all python and other files and folders to /usr/lib/CairoMenu
and then copy the server file to /usr/lib/bonobo/servers and you're done. - Aug 03 2009
The bonobo server system that launches the applets is pretty outdated and is supposed to be replaced soon. To that end, there is not much debugging info available to my knowledge.
You'll get that error for one of two reasons. Firstly it could be because of an error in how the applet is launched - i.e. applet name specified inside the software is different to that of the server file (version also affects this). The file it launches must contain #!/usr/bin/python at the start or otherwise be independently executable. It doesn't have to be in /usr/bin. You need to get the bonobo factory name right between the server and the app. Sometimes a broken instance still sitting on the menu (a white dot on the panel) will throw a wrench in the works, killing gnome-panel sometimes fixes this.
The second main reason it screws up is a bug in your app that throws an error only when launched through the panel (e.g. reading applet window position or orientation info before it's realized). You can run the menu from the applet part in a terminal, or IDE such as geany, with no command line switches and no other running instances in the panel, and then add the menu to the panel, and it will run from the instance in the terminal, thus giving you debugging info. - Aug 03 2009