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Jun 02 2011
I'm sorry for the delay. I would love for someone to take over my work on this. I am no longer using Ubuntu any more as my career forced a switch over to Mac OS to develop iPhone apps. I will (time permitting) revisit this at some point in future if noone wants to take over the source. I can provide a github account if there is any interest. - May 02 2012
Going on a couple months now that I haven't had any time to work on it unfortunately. You can check out the xsetwacom to configure your tablet. This program currently is a frontend for that program, you can check the manual page for how to use it by typing man xsetwacom in the terminal. Good luck! - Nov 09 2011
I'm currently working on a new version of this app. The current one is broken on most newer distros, as it says in the comments section above. If you are using Ubuntu, you can uninstall it through the software center, or leave it in there and it will update automatically when I have done the new version (that also supports intuos4 LEDs!) - Nov 08 2011
New version is on its way. I've got the intuos 4 OLED panels and application profiles going. Hang on for that in the upcoming month or so and I'll be sure to package it more carefully and include source. - Aug 12 2011
It must be another new model, can you send me the output of lsusb | grep wacom ? - Jun 24 2011
I'm working on compatibility issues for ubuntu 11.04. The backend program xsetwacom has changed significantly, and while the changes are for the better, it breaks this app until I can find time to fix it. - Jun 02 2011
I spent some time today looking into the issue.
In Natty, the backend xsetwacom has changed significantly. However this change is for the better and overcomes bugs that have held this program back for awhile now and enabled alot of the feature requests I have received to be done.
Thus it deserves a more complete rewrite than just a quickfix patch on three year old code. I will get to rewriting this in my spare moments when I can. - May 09 2011
I can't help you on your issue unless you tell me what version of what linux distribution. Your answer must contain both the version e.g. 11.04 and the distribution, e.g. ubuntu that you are using. And a little bit more about what exactly is going wrong. Where does it say the message that it can't find the tablet? In the console output? Or in the app itself somewhere? - May 04 2011
Did you try the instructions above in the description of this app to 'enable pressure support for gimp'? - May 04 2011
Can you send the output of lsusb. I'm just checking that all the settings related to this model are correct. Another useful test would be to see if your model of tablet works with this app on an ubuntu live-cd. That would pinpoint the problem as either related to the tablet or related to the distribution.
Also what method does debian use to detect and configure tablets? e.g. HAL, xorg.conf, etc? - Apr 26 2011
Your version is the same as mine. CTH-661 is in the list of identified and supported tablets.
What version of Gnome are you running? How is your tablet being handled by the xserver. The python traceback you posted could be caused by gtk being unable to list the tablets connected.
To test this (with your tablet connected):
open a terminal
type python and hit enter
type the following:
import gtk
map(lambda d:, gtk.gdk.devices_list())

After you type that last line, you should see a list of device names. One of these names should match the name given in the output of
xsetwacom --list

If the name does not match, it will not correctly identify the tablet at this stage and will throw that error. - Apr 26 2011
I think your issue might be missing the dependency to xsetwacom. Check that xsetwacom is in your /usr/bin directory. - Apr 26 2011
A deb package is a tar.gz compressed archive. You can open it to reveal the python source which will run with the dependencies stated in the control file. - Apr 22 2011
It looks like you've found a bug in something other than this program. This program simply applies settings to your driver so that the tablet behaves in certain ways. You're running a development release of ubuntu so it's important to report the issue to the right people by doing a little troubleshooting.
1) Was the issue there before you installed this program? Or did it start when you installed this program?
2) Does the issue occur in GIMP only? Or does it occur in all GTK drawing programs such as mypaint too?
3) Does your tablet work correctly in another computer? - Apr 07 2011
Thanks for your interest. If you read back a page or two of the comments, this is a common issue and is caused by the maintainers of xsetwacom who have not fixed their bug yet. xsetwacom is a command line program this application uses to set tablet hot keys. They can be set, but not read back into the program. - Apr 07 2011
This feature is quite high up on my list when I get time to work on this.
Although to be quite honest, it needs a rewrite, it's code from two years ago and is quite a mess. Rewriting from scratch would make it easier to incorporate those features into the overall design, so it'll have to wait until I get some time from my 3 jobs that are paying the bills at the moment ^^ - Feb 21 2011
Thanks for your suggestion. I would like a little more detail as to what you expect this left hand mode to do, and what model tablet you are using.
The only things I can find on the net are related to the scroll wheel on the wacom bamboo series tablet. You can copy and paste these into a terminal to apply the left-handedness features:
xsetwacom set "Wacom BambooFun 2FG 4x5 Finger" rotate HALF
xsetwacom set "Wacom BambooFun 2FG 4x5 Finger pad" rotate HALF
xsetwacom set "Wacom BambooFun 2FG 4x5 Pen" rotate HALF
xsetwacom set "Wacom BambooFun 2FG 4x5 Pen eraser" rotate HALF

(changing the model name to match your tablet from the output xsetwacom --list) - Feb 10 2011
You must be using the older of the two versions available - as the newer version (8.10 and onward) does not have to modify your xorg.conf file to make tablets work.

However I hate to state the obvious but this utility is called Wacom control panel, not Genius GPen control panel. None of the backends or drivers are designed to work with your tablet's manufacturer. - Dec 06 2010
Thanks for the image with the button mappings. I'll be sure to include those corrections with the next release. Sorry for the delay. - Nov 30 2010
Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you like it. I'll add new features to this app once the wacom-tools developers fix a bug that seems to affect alot of users from viewing what hardware buttons they have set.
Screen mapping and application profiles are high on the list once this happens. - Nov 30 2010
As this app is a frontend for xsetwacom, part of the wacom-tools package, there's nothing I can do to fix these bugs.
These are serious issues introduced into the wacom-tools package in ubuntu 10.04, there's nothing I can do to fix them. I've opened two bug reports, and the devs have done nothing. If you have the time and energy, then go chase the respective people and get their attention on it. - Nov 14 2010
Right now I'm unable to upgrade to maverick because I use a macbook pro - and EFI is completely and utterly broken so I have to do a full reinstall every time I upgrade in the hope that they have fixed this major bug. I may be able to compile it for maverick if you tell me what dependencies are missing.
Can the deb package install? If not, what package is it missing?
Can the program run? If not, what happens if you run it from command line? python /usr/share/wacom-utility/ - Nov 04 2010
I will get to this as soon as I can. I'm swamped with work right now. If you email me the patches directly, I can publish a new deb package here much quicker.
Thanks! - Sep 26 2010
I found the bit of code you're talking about. It was left in there to help upgrade people from the 8.10 version to the newer version. It'll be removed in the next release.
Thanks! - Sep 09 2010
What exactly works and doesn't work? Can you configure a button map for the device? Do you have any styluses detected?
Can you also send me the output of 'lsusb' command so I can see the USB device ID of your tablet.
Cheers - Sep 08 2010
I don't think you're using the right version. This utility does not read or write to xorg.conf ever since ubuntu 9.04 started using HAL to manage tablets. If you are using the version for ubuntu 8.10, then yes it needed to do that back then, but the current version works much better. - Sep 08 2010
I will be looking into making this work for maverick when it is in beta release phase, but as it is dependent on the wacom-tools package - so if that is currently broken in maverick, then this utility will not work until it's fixed. - Sep 05 2010
Glad it's working for you!
Chris - Sep 05 2010

Ubuntu 8.10 is for ubuntu - and possibly other linux distros keeping in par with ubuntu and xserver development from October 2008. I cannot remove it from this site due to a bug in

The current PPA version will work on any distro that uses HAL to configure wacom tablets, so for ubuntu 9.04 onwards.

I hope that helps clear things up.
Let me know if you have any further questions.

Chris - Sep 04 2010
Absolute / relative modes aren't working for any tablet I'm afraid. They're in absolute all the time. When I have more time I'll look into it.
Sorry for the inconvenience,
Chris - Sep 04 2010
The bug where it still shows the default mouse button mapping is due to a bug in the underlying xsetwacom command that was introduced when they moved to the xf86-input-wacom package from wacom-tools in ubuntu 10.04.

I'm currently chasing down the people responsible so that it works - you can follow the progress here, and when it is updated, this will be fully working. - Sep 01 2010
Can you send me a few examples of commands that manage to set expresskey buttons with xsetwacom?

I am able to set the keys on my intuos 3 both with the program and with xsetwacom itself. However xsetwacom seems unable to 'get' the settings back, so the program can read what they are currently set to.

To get the current commands that are being mapped, you will find the file .wacom_utility in your home directory (it's a hidden file), and it contains the list of commands passed on startup to reconfigure the tablet that you can try and see if they match what you are getting to work in the command-line with xsetwacom.

Let me know what you find out!
Chris - Sep 01 2010
Thanks for the drawing. I've just uploaded a new version that should work for you. Let me know if it works or doesn't.
Cheers - Aug 31 2010
Laptop external display hotplugging

System Software 36 comments

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Jun 25 2011
I've updated it to try and correct the issue you're having. Give it a try when it becomes available in about 15 mins on the ppa.
Thanks! - Jun 29 2011
Thanks for your interest in trying this on other distros.
A little known fact about deb packages is they're just renamed tar.gz files that can be opened with your archive manager to reveal, in this case, the original python source file. The install script in there might also be useful as it copies a .desktop file to /usr/share/gnome/autostart - Jun 25 2011
Yes it's working fine for me on my macbook pro 5,5 running 11.04. - Jun 18 2011
The daemon runs at userlevel, not as a system service, therefore cannot write a pid file in the usual place - therefore it doesn't act like a normal daemon, more like pulseaudio or something like that.

Having more than one instance doesn't stop the detection parts from working however. But perhaps you could try and see if the issue persists after you have stopped the daemon.

Here's how to stop it:
ps -A -f | grep

and you have to look for something like this:

1000 1432 1 0 Mar02 ? 00:02:07 python /usr/lib/autoswitcher/

the number you're looking for here is 1432. So now you type in

kill 1432

and you won't have it running anymore.

To start it back up, run the following:
/usr/lib/autoswitcher/ - Mar 04 2011
I'm guessing it turns off the screen when it puts the display to sleep by 'unplugging' the main display internally.
You can confirm this for me though by running
/usr/lib/autoswitcher/ -v -d
and letting it kick on the screensaver, and post the output from the terminal up here so I can see what it's up to.
Thanks! - Mar 03 2011
Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you like it. If you don't mind me asking, what GPU do you have. This is so I can add it to the list of ones known to work. - Mar 02 2011
Hmm. It looks like you got no errors there and the detection is working fine if VGA1 shows up in that list. The displays should switch over completely not extend however.
To switch back the program waits for the display VGA1 to be removed from the list. I'll add a option (when I get back from work tonight) that shows the display polling results so you can see if VGA1 disappears from the list when you pull the plug on it. - Feb 20 2011
I've added the updates (via the ppa). You should be able to see what the problem is when running autoswitcher in a terminal as follows:

/usr/lib/autoswitcher/ -v -d

Thanks for your help debugging this. - Feb 20 2011
I will update this with an option to not daemonize. Then you should be able to see a python traceback of whatever happened. It's based off of the disper libraries. Perhaps you could try using that and see if it works for you switching displays from the command line with it. - Feb 20 2011
Are you still upset that your video store doesn't have BetaMax?
Things come and go, and currently Ubuntu is gaining popularity with a larger and more mainstream crowd. With a greater base of users, and more popularity and media attention it is hardly surprising that the content on this site is growing organically towards ubuntu. Standing up to it would be like Egypt's Mubarek resisting popular uprising. As linux distros mature, there becomes less need to have 30+ distributions all promoting limited subsets of different ideas, and consolidating them helps developers hone their work in on accelerating the progress of a few distributions. - Feb 15 2011
This is also a place where people post things that they build for the community at no cost.
If someone brought cookies they baked themselves to a party, would you harass that person because they didn't make cookies in your favorite flavor?
Just because someone didn't make it for 'whatever-you-use-distro' does not suddenly entitle you to troll this site and harass other developers trying to help others have a better experience.
It's open source, if it's not right for you, take it, fix it, publish it yourself.
I built this because it solves a problem I was having. I didn't have to put it up on this site. In case it was of use to someone out there, it is put up here and packaged it with an installer. If you don't like free software, don't download it!
Nobody obliges me to make my software work for every single distribution known to man... lease of all yourself. - Feb 15 2011
Oh, you are concerned that I put 'Ubuntu' in the description.
I just happen to do so for some of the following reasons:
- It has only been tested on Ubuntu
- It has been built and packaged for Ubuntu (deb)
- It ties into Ubuntu features, such as libnotify which cannot be guaranteed present in other distros
- It is hosted on Launchpad and will be updated through that (Ubuntu/Debian/etc)
- Ubuntu is the most popular distro with the strongest focus on usability and seamless ease of use, which makes it an ideal target for this kind of technology.
- You can port this to most mainstream distributions with 'alien', or could just figure out that it is written in python and you can strip out the libnotify components and run it as a daemon on any distro, even on KDE. - Feb 15 2011
Care to elaborate on your point in complete and meaningful sentences? - Feb 15 2011
Cairo Menu

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Jan 02 2011
Also you might want to check out gno-menu which is based off an older menu I wrote called VistaMenu. It is fully customizable and there are many skins and themes on this site for it. - Dec 01 2010
The themes are not modifiable.
The lack of customization is part of what helps keep the menu efficient and fast. While things like colors can be changed, you will have to look into the code and learn about how pycairo works. It's open source, your code is in /usr/lib/CairoMenu and the two files you'll be interested in are and good luck! - Dec 01 2010
Glad you like it! If you have any feature ideas or requests, shoot them my way and I'll see what I can do. =) - Nov 26 2010
I don't have the time to do any open source stuff. Maybe I'll have a bit of time in December. Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested in developing on this project. - Oct 26 2010