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Enlightenment Themes 2 comments

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Jun 17 2008
Thanks! I see what I can do next week when I got some more free time on my hands. - Apr 04 2008

Enlightenment Themes 17 comments

by Toma-
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Jul 19 2008
I did a e17-cvs rebuild today (build which was giving that behavior was from 2 days ago). but I don't seem to be able to reproduce it anymore :)
Really thanks though for willing to help me out! - Jan 21 2008
after a bit more testing the problem seems to remain :( - Jan 20 2008
yes rm ~/.e did the trick :)
thank you for your help! - Jan 20 2008
okay, I will remove all my configs and try again. I'll report back if it works :)
- Jan 19 2008
Great looking theme!

I have a problem though. Configuration dialogs, 'application execution error'-dialogs, and such freeze. The only way to remove them from my screen is use another virtual desktop, minimize the dialogs, or restart e17.
This does not happen with the default theme. - Jan 18 2008
Linux Mint GDM logon theme

GDM Themes 3 comments

by cmost
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Oct 19 2007
really it is not that difficult. Just take the GIMP, select the background color and paint over it. Though I suggest you put your own custom logo at the place after it. It does look a bit empty without a logo there - Oct 24 2007

Graphic Apps 185 comments

by CKulT
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Jun 24 2010
Just wondering, do you plan on porting ksquirrel to kde4/qt4 ? - Oct 17 2007
any change on a comment on the replies in the previous post?

thanks - Feb 07 2006
I'm maintaining this package for ArchLinux, but am not able to update to 0.6.2 due to same error as above, despite changes in --prefix, and other config variables.
What file (probably the .pc file) is ksquirrel explicit looking for and how can I force configure to look at a specific location for it, as all changes seem not to have any effect....

Also forcing ksquirrel-libs to the correct location with --prefix=/usr does not have any effect

Thanks - Feb 02 2006
Beach View

Beaches and Oceans 2 comments

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Mar 26 2007
Do you have the same picture with a clear sky? that would make it look so much better. - Mar 21 2007

Science 11 comments

by kelko
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Jan 05 2007
The new button is working now :D
Over to the next bug.
Clicking 'import' and then 'Cancel', komment crashes with:

[ronald@linux-pressh komment]$ ruby main.rb
./gui/lib.rb:186:in `method_missing': undefined local variable or method `refreshList' for # (NameError)
from ./gui/lib.rb:186:in `__instance_exec_605738076'
from ./extConnect.rb:11:in `instance_exec'
from ./extConnect.rb:56:in `process'
from ./gui/lib.rb:43:in `open'
from main.rb:30
Mutex destroy failure: Device or resource busy

- Sep 13 2006
I'm sorry to bother you again, but the Beta1.1 archive is corrupt:

==> tar --use-compress-program=gzip -xf Komment-Beta1.1.tar.gz

gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
tar: Child returned status 1
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
==> ERROR: Failed to extract Komment-Beta1.1.tar.gz
- Sep 13 2006
Nice, now I can get the main window :D
Bad thing is, I can't do anything it it.
This is the error I get when clicking new:

[ronald@linux-pressh komment]$ ruby main.rb
./gui/publication.rb:31:in `initialize': undefined method `editPane' for {}:Hash (NoMethodError)
from ./gui/publication.rb:5:in `edit'
from ./gui/lib.rb:129:in `__instance_exec_605625436'
from ./extConnect.rb:11:in `instance_exec'
from ./extConnect.rb:56:in `process'
from ./gui/lib.rb:43:in `open'
from main.rb:30
Mutex destroy failure: Device or resource busy
- Sep 13 2006
How do I get across that installer script, I don't want to run it as root ? Basically I want to run it as user and make it install in $startdir/pkg/ so I can make a binary ArchLinux package and install it via that.
- Sep 13 2006

Konqueror 8 comments

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Jun 19 2006
also you should export your kopete contacts to the adress book - Jun 20 2006