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Thanks indeed a million, I already made peace with only using unicode chars, but with this update I can use special ones too. Gratefulness. - Jun 08 2010
Hi there, I just did something, and now, when I set the future days to 5-30 then it show this:

When I reset to less or equal 4 days, then it shows everything normal:

Thanks in advance.

- Jun 07 2010
Sorry for not mentionning this earlier, I have disabled autohide on events, and have future days set to 30, still shows nil info. - May 19 2010
Hi Wolle, thanks for answering so swiftly. I did as suggested, after reinstall it asks for the ics file: , and when I'm entering it into the screenlet it shows only this with a little white dot: Eigencal still works, and Clearcalendar too, but I cam't see why I should't use Eventcal...:(

Thanks 4 help so far. - May 14 2010
Hi there, I'm not sure if it's my own stupidity, but Eventcal stopped showing my google events a week ago, i resetted the ics file, removed, reinstalled eventcal, no avail.

Clearcalendar/Eigencal still works(showing events), and I have no idea why.

Please help, I really dig the screenlet as shown here..:) - May 11 2010