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Phil Dimitrov Sofia, Bulgaria
Old Church Photo

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No, anyone can upload there and there is no information about any pictures there, so I don't know anything about it except for what i see on it ;) - Jan 11 2006
Imminent Storm

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That's an amazing photo. I love when the weather is so both dark and bright. I mean, the sky seem like it's not real.
Whatever, the picture is cool :) - Jan 10 2006
Old Church Photo

Wallpaper Other by PhilBG 6 comments

I didn't take the photo, I just modified it to look like an old picture. And, yeah, it took me some time :)
However, I didn't steal this photo and didn't violate any copyright as I ensured by uploading it here.
I really liked the final version of this photo manipulation so I decided to share it with you ;)

The picture itself is of an old and small church surrounded by two huge mountains and near a big road. - Jan 09 2006
Tux and Curry Save!

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Backing up is the root of the success :D - Jan 06 2006