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Plasma 4 Extensions 14 comments

by panzi
Score 80.0%
Dec 03 2014
Rightclick on Plasma Overlay/Desktop (-> Unlock Widgets) -> Add Widgets... -> Get new widgets -> Download New Plasma Widgets -> Search for "Play Control" -> click install on the entry called "Play Control" By panzi

If you still have problems ask again. :) - Jan 04 2015
Yes, it would be be _possible_. But I won't implement this because I don't use it in the panel at all. If you want this feature you have to implement it yourself. :) - May 01 2012
Glad it works for you now. - Oct 13 2011
How does it not work? What is the error message? With which media player do you use it? - Oct 13 2011
If this MPD player supports the mpris D-Bus API then it's supported. What does `qdbus org.mpris.*` say on your system? I won't add any other methods than D-Bus, because that's all I use. - Aug 17 2011
I'ts not meant to be used in the panel. If you want to use it like that you have to adapt the code yourself. ;) - Aug 16 2011
Smooth Tasks 2

Plasma 4 Extensions 71 comments

Score 85.0%
Nov 02 2013
Do you have a link to the source repository, so I can see what you changed? - Jul 21 2012
Get YouTube Video (improved)

Konqueror 110 comments

by panzi
Score 62.0%
May 04 2012
Indeed. I noted it and will look into it when I've time.

Also for some reason I don't get notified when someone posts a new comment here. So if you want a bug to be noticed add it to the issue tracker (already did this for this bug): - Apr 24 2012
Apparently crappy Konqueror does not support bookmarklets built-in. You have to install the "Minitools" plugin (usually distributions have it in their package system) for that:
Then simply copy the whole script starting after "user strict"; and paste it in the location filed of the minitools bookmark editor. Add javascript: in front and void(0) at the end of the script. - Apr 11 2012
(There's no reply button on your other post.)

It's because there is no version of this video with itag 22 (mp4 720p). There is only one with itag 18 (mp4 360p). Because there is no way to dynamically generate the menu of a user script I just list some common ones, that actually might not be supported by every video.

Use my user script (linked in the description above) to get a nice download menu inside the YouTube interface that only presents you with the actually supported options. If your browser supports user scripts, that is. (They are also called greasemonkey scripts sometimes.)

If your browser does not support users scripts, it might be possible to turn it into a bookmarklet. - Apr 10 2012
Ok, is it fixed in 1.11b? - Apr 10 2012
For which video does this happen? What python version do you use? - Apr 09 2012
Yeah these lines get added by when you build the KDE 4 rpm or when installing using I guess I can remove KDE 3 support now and include them per default.

Also I never tried to run the script using Python 3. Under most (all?) distributions Python 2 is still the standard. - Apr 17 2011
Thanks! I'll add your translation. - Apr 02 2011
Ah. I didn't use my script in a long time. I updated it so it should work again. However, I now require python-lxml as a dependency.

PS: Is there a way to be notified per email about comments? - Mar 06 2011
Is it compatible with kde 4.4?

Yes, I use it with KDE 4.4.

[quote]Can you biuld a .deb package?/quote]
No, I don't use a Debian based distribution. I use Fedora. - Aug 31 2010
Oh, yeah. I didn't really maintain these scripts. Here is an updated version of the install script:

Or informally, for KDE4 the following line in get_yt_viceo.desktop:

has to be replaced with these two lines:

The script now works with KDE3 and KDE4 without changes.

I *do* maintain the script, though. - Aug 31 2010
The menus defined by .desktop files are static, so I can't add menu item that is only shown in the case a webm file exists. I added "support" (its now a known format) for downloading webm files to the python script in the hg repo, but you could always use the script to download webm files when you knew the right fmt code and pass it to the script. Maybe I'll add a blind option for webm for the next release, but I think the menu gets too crowded. Konqueror isn't Firefox, and you notice it when it comes to "extensions". - Aug 31 2010
Ponies Everywhere

Plasma 4 Extensions 14 comments

Score 67.3%
Dec 10 2011
I thought about doing this myself (I wrote Browser Ponies), but I still use Fedora 14 and KDE 4.6 and the WebKit included with this is too slow for Browser Ponies.

Is it at all possible to make the WebKit widgets background transparent and the widget frame less? I think this would be great.

Also you do not need to include the copyright notice right in the widget if you don't want to. Just credit me and also Desktop Ponies in a readme file or about dialog. Ah and I just updated Browser Ponies to the resources of Desktop Ponies 1.38, so you might want to make a new package. :) - Dec 09 2011
Folderview: Translucent Dragging

Plasma 4 Extensions 6 comments

by panzi
Score 73.1%
Apr 19 2012
I really only changed the thing about translucency. Also I don't have KDE 4.7 yet. Still using Fedora 14. - Nov 11 2011
PS: I just uploaded a new version because I forgot to change one single line.

See: - Apr 04 2011
I don't think this will be merged upstream, because it is an ugly hack.

What did I do: First I uncommented everything that was marked with "Reenable this code when Qt uses an ARGB window for the drag pixmap" and then I install an event filter, filtering every event on an application level during dragging (only when composite is enabled). In the event filter I look for move event. If I have found one I look if the class name of the moved widget is "QShapedPixmapWidget" (this is the name of the class of the widget used in Qt's D'n'D code). For objects of this class I then do (window is the dragged icons):

Plasma::WindowEffects::overrideShadow(window->effectiveWinId(), true);

See a diff of all the changes:

This happens on every move event, meaning on every pixel the dragged icons are moved. I think it could be optimized so it only happens once per drag, but I did not experience any performance issues so I didn't bother.

The correct way to solve this would be for Qt to allow these options to be passed to the drag action. Or to expose the drag-window so one could set the options them self. I would guess that sooner or later Qt would implements a way to do this, but then how long does this issue persist now? - Apr 04 2011
Lagoon Nebula

KDE 4 Splashscreens 2 comments

by panzi
Score 79.3%
Nov 10 2010
:) - Aug 16 2011
Google Web Search, KDE SC 4.4 style

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 105 comments

Score 71.7%
Jun 21 2010
It uses mozilla specific properties (properties with -moz-prefix). In order to make it work in chrome it neets to be ported. Some -moz-prefixes can simply be replaced with -webkit- (like -moz-box-shadow and -moz-border-radius), others can simply be deleted (@-moz-document... {, don't forget the corresponding } at the end of the file) and some others I'd have to research myself on how to port. - Apr 10 2011
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 842 comments

by panzi
Score 86.9%
Nov 05 2010
I'm amazed that there even are previews using compitz, because I thought I'm using a kwin specific feature here. - Apr 08 2011
Which animation? Is setting the animation duration to 0ms what you want? - Apr 02 2011
What is Sabayon 5 and Sulfur? Never heard of it before. (Well, I heard of the chemical element sulphur[1], but I guess this is something different.)

[1] - Nov 26 2010
I really have not much time to invest in smooth tasks right now and I really don't feel like installing a virtual machine. I use this feature once KDE 4.6 is stable and available for Fedora. Yes, this way I lag behind but I don't care. I don't want to work with non-final things. The new Fedora version (14) is enough broken as it is (graphic and sound errors and it didn't boot after I installed it; it's ridiculous how much more broken every release is). - Nov 26 2010
Great! After KDE 4.6 is released and I installed a distribution that supports KDE 4.6 I will look into this! :) - Nov 04 2010
The main two reasons for that are: It's more or less good enough for me and I don't have a lot time to spend on this plasma applet.

However, now that I have finally upgraded to a newer distribution (used Fedora 12 until today) I will commit some small bugfixes. Still have no time for the big animation rewrite I should do. I guess I'll do it if the APIs I use are not just deprecated but removed. - Nov 04 2010
Someone already sent me a patch for that. I wrote back that I merge it if it doesn't break 4.4 compatibility or when I finally switch to 4.5 (that happens when it comes available in Fedora). I haven't heard from the patch writer since. Hope no mail went into junk. :/ - Aug 11 2010
Hm, I never used activities. I have to debug this when I've time. - Mar 26 2010
Read the description text above. There exists a hack that abuses grouping for that purpose, though:
(I think you cant use any other grouping features when using this.) - Mar 21 2010
You can use right-click. - Mar 21 2010
You can configure the preview size. - Mar 21 2010
Did you do "sudo make install"? - Mar 01 2010
Did you use the newest version? Can you post (a link to) a stacktrace? - Feb 24 2010
Oh indeed. Thanks for noticing. - Feb 24 2010
when showing smooth tool tip style please consider adding option for enabling the tool tip to stay visible(not to close) after (for example) closing one window from the group (just like plasma tool tip, you can click on window to maximize-minimize it several time)

If I understand you right I already do that. Only if the group gets unfolded (because there is enough room in the taskbar now or only one window remains) the tooltip is hidden, and that is because libtaskmanager tells me that the group was removed. So I can't display any tooltip now then, because the hover item was removed. - Feb 24 2010
Yes, the kde-testing repo has 4.4 already (and I use this repo and therefore have 4.4 and already ported it to 4.4). But afaik the stable repo doesn't have it. And the unstable had it even longer. I use testing. - Feb 15 2010
I linked the source of the last version working I know that works with KDE 4.3.

For your convenience: - Feb 14 2010
Yet Another Window Control

Plasma 4 Extensions 59 comments

Score 82.0%
May 08 2012
Oh I see. Thanks. - Apr 02 2011
Which Firefox Theme are you using? And how do you get the menu button instead of the pulldown menu under Linux? - Apr 02 2011
Lagoon Nebula

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

by panzi
Score 79.3%
Nov 09 2010
Thanks. :)

I think it is especially nice when used in combination with the KDM and KDE Splash theme. - Nov 25 2010
Veromix - volume control / soundmenu

Plasma 4 Extensions 269 comments

Score 83.8%
Jun 14 2012
Great! :) - Nov 15 2010
Even if you close kmix? What KDE version do you use? I use:

Qt: 4.7.0
KDE Development Platform: 4.5.2 (KDE 4.5.2)
KMix: 3.7

When I close kmix and press the keys with which I change the sound using kmix (mediakeys on my keyboard) nothing happens. Mainly I want a replacement for kmix because sometimes it hangs with 100% CPU usage. Also being able to change volume per application with the sound applet is pretty neat.

However, there is another thing:
When I scroll over the popup window of your applet I would expect the volume of the slider I scroll on to change. Instead the sliders them self move out of sight, just to move in again. - Nov 13 2010
This plasmoid is really nice! :)

One thing I'd like to have, though, is to be able to assign global hotkeys with which you could increase/decrease the volume of and mute the default audio device so I can use the media keys on my keyboard (as I can with kmix). Of course this should also show the same/a similar OSD as kmix. - Nov 08 2010
Glassified EOS

KDE 4 Splashscreens 2 comments

by panzi
Score 50.0%
Mar 24 2009
Your right, somehow I accidentally deleted it from my webspace. Uploading it again right now.

Is it somehow possible to get email notifications on all comments to an upload one makes? Otherwise such bug reports should be sent via direct message when I don't answer within a few days. - Nov 10 2010
Glassified EOS (remake)

KDE 4 Splashscreens 1 comment

Score 67.1%
Apr 16 2010
Your right, somehow I accidentally deleted it from my webspace. Uploading it again right now. - Nov 10 2010

Developers Apps 10 comments

by subik
Score 63.3%
Jun 19 2010
sqliteman is great! I wish there would be a similar tool for embedded mysql (mysqle) databases. - Jun 19 2010
Ponies Everywhere

Plasma 4 Extensions
by eyecreate

Score 67.3%
Dec 09 2011

by mtux

Score 83.3%
Apr 02 2011

Chat & Messenging
by arti-kz

Score 50.0%
Aug 24 2009
Fancy Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Emdek

Score 84.4%
Aug 24 2009
Crystal Project

Full Icon Themes
by everaldo

Score 59.3%
Aug 20 2009

System Software
by Sho

Score 86.7%
Aug 18 2009
Score 70.0%
Apr 09 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by MatzeR

Score 50.0%
Apr 08 2009
Nvidia sensors monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions
by pernambuco

Score 50.0%
Apr 08 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by iovar

Score 67.1%
Apr 08 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by mbaszczewski

Score 64.5%
Mar 24 2009
Ponies Everywhere

Plasma 4 Extensions
by eyecreate

Score 67.3%
9   Dec 09 2011

by mtux

Score 83.3%
9   Apr 02 2011
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by jimmy88

Score 87.0%
9   Apr 02 2011