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May 20 2020
Ah, thanks. Sorry for wasting your time. It was the only one I noticed cuz I didn't keep any other around for long enough to want to close a maximized window. ;) Seems like I'll continue using breeze. - Oct 21 2019
I just checked a few other window decorations themes and it worked with none of them. Apparently, it only works with Breeze and Plastik. These two come pre-installed with Manjaro 18.1, but it works with none of the ones from the KDE Store that I tried. - Oct 19 2019
I'm sorry for reporting it in the wrong place. I tried to figure out what the right place is but didn't find it. It happens both with the window decoration "Materia Manjaro Dark" and "Materia Manjaro Dark Gradient". - Oct 18 2019
Bug: You cannot close maximized windows by slamming the mouse pointer into the right corner of the screen if you use this as your window decorations theme. The close button seems to not quite reach to the corner. - Oct 13 2019