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May 24 2010
Try using another player. And if you still have the problem, check your database and see if its up to speed with the latest amaroK. - Sep 23 2006
The latest version deals with the new schema, give it a shot. - Sep 19 2006
Ah, thank you all very much for the info. I've been using an old version of amaroK for a while and just now upgraded to see the changes. I'll fix this pronto. :) - Sep 16 2006
Thats strange... could you, to test something, run this query in a MySQL terminal and see if it returns a url with a '.' in the front:


If it does then its a database issue that I haven't encountered and don't see in my database. If not then there's some code hunting that needs to be done ;)

ObsidianX - Aug 13 2006
well, its still working for me... could you send me a skeleton .sql file for your database? - May 19 2006
Hmm... I'm installing amaroK 1.4 right now.... I hope they didn't mess with the database :\ - May 19 2006
good idea, will be in the next release - Mar 26 2006
OGG's will stream with the proper heading but after just now testing them i can't get either XMMS or BMP to stream them. its the weirdest thing... MPlayerPlug-In for mozilla can play them, i can play ogg's in BMP and XMMS but it can't stream the oggs although im sending the right headers and everything.

this may be the source of your problems in which case i'll have to investigate and fix this. - Jan 11 2006
hmm, try this: go into the pages/play.php file and comment out the header(); lines, click on a song and see what comes up. it should come up with a playlist (a bit out of order in html view but still a playlist). check to see if there are any warnings/errors/whatnot. if there's nothing there then copy the url in the file line of the playlist and put that in, but first edit pages/stream.php and comment out the header(); lines and the echo file_get_contents(); line. if the page comes up blank then there are no errors. if there /are/ errors then please let me know what they say.

once i get something worked out with someone else i've been talking with i'll release a bug fix version with error_reporting turned off as it messes with the header() function.

ryan - Jan 10 2006
i've never used amarok for the player with my script and wouldn't recommend it :P

what i WOULD recommend is a more simplistic player like Beep-Media-Player or XMMS since they handle streams the same way Winamp does in Windows and its worked for me.

Ryan - Jan 10 2006
Please verify you're selecting the right database and using a username/password combination that has SELECT access to the database. This is the only thing I can think of that would cause this to happen. If not then could you send me a dump of the structure of your MySQL database?

Terribly sorry for the inconvenience and I hope we can get this resolved.

Ryan - Jan 09 2006
amaroK Web Frontend

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Dec 18 2005
erm, thats "didn't like <script/>" - Dec 31 2005
could you provide more information for me? perhaps put this in index.php:


this is an odd error i used to get in internet explorer because it didn't like but that was fixed long ago... hopefully this wont be an issue in 2.0 but i'd like some info on it to try and prevent it to the best of my ability.

cheers, and sorry for the inconvenience,

ObsidianX - Dec 31 2005
yeah i kinda got lazy with that part of the downloads :P

thanks for all the input folks :) - Nov 04 2005
In addition to what wolph said:

Even though this script does show up in amaroK's "Get New Scripts!" dialog its not an installable script in that fasion. It's meant to be installed to a PHP ready web server like Apache with mod_php.

If you have any more obstructions from getting this installed please comment so the answers can be publicly viewed ;)

Cheers, and thanks for trying out my script!

-Ryan - Oct 29 2005
ah, totally overlooked the playlists when i switched to streaming. I'll surely fix that. - Oct 20 2005
alright, to get the album covers to work you need to have your collection setup in the fashion of each album has its own folder. in each folder you can have an image that is the album cover. when amaroK scans the directories it'll store the image in the `images' table. one script i like in particular that eases this is the script, which can be found on amaroK's wiki page. this will copy the downloaded covers from amazon into the folder the album resides. this is where the per-folder setup comes into play.... i originally had all my music in one single directory because i would just browse it in the directory. you'll have to organize your collection extensively if you REALLY want album covers but in certain situations its just a waste of time to go through all the trouble. i was able to do it because i was off for summer break and had a lot of time on my hands :P.

anyway, regarding the SSL questions: i've never tried it and i dont know what players will be able to read the SSL connection although i would hope something easy like XMMS or BMP would be able to read it.

as always, feel free to email me and post comments here regarding any issues you may have with my little frontend. i'm always more than happy to respond and help out.

Ryan - Sep 21 2005
wow, thank you very much for all this information! i dont run PHP5 on my machine and neither has anybody i tested on so i didn't get a proper bug report. but i'll be sure to fix all this stuff by the next release. thanks again! - Aug 15 2005
in the collection tab under where you select folders you can setup the mysql database :) also, (and i have no idea how suse works) you may need to install a mysql module. i know if you compile it directly (as in the case of gentoo) you have to specify to use mysql. hope this is informative enough and thank you for your comment :) - Jul 06 2005
its not that kind of a script. its intended to be loaded into an httpd server. - Jul 03 2005
there are a few things that could be going wrong here:

1. what output do you have selected?
2. do you have apache (or the http server of choice) setup to be able to share your mp3s?
3. is inc/ fully configured to match your setup?

also check to see if the playlist in xmms shows anything listed, and if not open the file in a text editor and see if it has any php warning in it.

thanks for the comments! :)

ObsidianX - Jun 29 2005
ah... i always seem to overlook that part... i'll surely add that in the next version - Jun 20 2005
yeah this is a strange problem im seeing in IE as well... i haven't found out why this is occuring but its something i do need to find out :\ - Jun 17 2005
thanks for the input here, the bug you mentioned will be taken care of... i didn't build it with a name that had spaces in it so didn't anticipate that

for the wish: this has been addressed a few times by a few different people and i do have plans for this and it will be available in the next release.

1.3 isn't on sourceforge yet because i havent been around to upload it. i'll do that right now so you can get the latest fixes and such.

as for the theming: i've setup the foundation for that and will surely move more into a CSS based theme to make it easier to customize

in response to the memory overflow because of too many songs on the page i've added pagination to the search pages and the browse page and you can set how many results you want per-page in the file.

keep the comments coming!

-ObsidianX - Jun 16 2005
well i got everything but Ü because its got the oe in it so it wont let me save it for some lame reason... - Jun 15 2005
beautiful, thanks for the list... i'm making a little function to replace the characters in the listings - Jun 15 2005
thanks for your input, and a few notes:

1) the whole point of this script is to share the music with people over the LAN (as is my case) or over a WAN, however you'd like to set it up. but i suppose i can add an option to the output format that disables any output.

2) i've been trying to find a good way to get the album covers out of amarok's cache and into the database for easy access in my script. i built the script around a single directory of mp3s without any subdirectories (possibly ones with artist names and then albums) and i would find it much easier to get the album covers extracted from a database BLOB. but i do have plans to show the real album covers and not just the nocover.png ;)

3) i, too, have seen this weird occurance with the accented letters in my collection and i think its a problem with the mysql database. doing queries in the mysql console client i see the same misuse of symbols for some french songs that i have:

Comptine d'un autre été: l'après-midi
Comptine d'un Autre ete l'apres-midi

so as this is a problem with amarok's method of adding the songs to the database i'll try and find a way to replace common characters and if you could even send me some of your examples of what they are in the listing compared to what they should really be then that would be wonderful

Thanks for the input!
-ObsidianX - Jun 15 2005
thank you very much :D - Jun 15 2005
wabaroK - amaroK web interface

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by jjl
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Dec 04 2005
Where ever did you get the inspiration for this project? - Dec 03 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 2 comments

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Jan 28 2005
Nice work with the transparency.. never thought of having a transparent splash screen before - Jan 29 2005
4elements splash screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 2 comments

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Jan 21 2005
well as you may have seen looking around on this site there are some with the KDE element as well but i preferred without... although i suppose i could make one with the kde element if you'd like - Jan 21 2005
Aqua Doom

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Jun 20 2004
how did you get the mac style file bar on top? i've yet to find one that works globaly for all apps... the main kde one isn't too good... - Jun 23 2004