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Paul Clark Violet Hill, United States of America
Yeah, a lot of video players don't like transparency. This is due to a lot of complicated crap with the way X handles video a lot of the time.

You can blacklist kaffeine in the QtCurve settings dialog so it doesn't get transparency it will show video after that.

On a side note VLC does work with transparency. - Aug 11 2010
AH-HA! Gtk, diabolical. Quick! To the compiler codeboy. - Aug 01 2010
Have you gotten a reply to this because if not I will happily test this patch/fix for you.

I have a 8600GT and KDE 4.5 Kubuntu. - Jul 29 2010
Smoked Glass Bespin config

Be-Shell/Bespin by BradDelaSalle 10 comments

Yeah, I got to looking around last night and figured that out.

I need to add it to my script.

Thanks and, nice setup. - Jul 16 2010
Smoked Glass Bespin config

Be-Shell/Bespin by BradDelaSalle 10 comments

Are you enabling the transparency by hand editing the file or are you using a SVN build of bespin. - Jul 16 2010
AirRGB (QtCurve)

QtCurve by Mitu 13 comments

As with any QtCurve theme settings set your style to QtCurve open the configuration dialog ( next to the style selector ) and click import. - Jul 14 2010
QtCurve 1.5 was I believe the first version to have an option for transparency. It however had a bug causing plasma to act like a normal window so 1.5.1 ( the most recent ) is the version I recommend you use.

There is a link in the description. - Jul 14 2010
I am assuming you are using Mandriva from your user icon.

I found this blog post for KDE 4.5 Mandriva RPM packages if you are interested. - Jul 11 2010
Use QtCurve 1.5.1 ( I have it linked in the description above. ) but you will need a recent KDE 4.5 RC version to get the blurring effect that makes the transparency usable. Otherwise text showing through from windows below the one you are using will make reading a PITA. ( pain in the a** ) - Jul 11 2010
Well, the default behavior in 1.5.1 is to exclude SMPlayer from RGBA and I just leave it at that. - Jul 09 2010
Yeah, the only tampering I did was to convert the PNG to a JPG to meet upload size requirements.

- Jul 09 2010
VLC seems fine with transparency.
While SMPlayer will not show video.
I am not sure about any other Qt/KDE video players. - Jul 09 2010
Wonderful and thanks. - Jul 06 2010
When using window transparency plasma-desktop acts as a normal window and shows up in the task-bar.

Tell me what you need from me to find out this bug and fix it - Jul 06 2010
UV bespin preset

Be-Shell/Bespin by Num83rGuy 4 comments

I am not entirely certain as to what you mean.

I wish I could edit the gradient colors but thomas12777 has not programed this type of functionality into the Bespin style and I am no programmer. :) - Apr 27 2009
Adjustable Clock

Plasma 4 Extensions by Emdek 354 comments

Sorry, I was thinking of another clock program.

No, I don't think that adjustable clock can emulate dbclock.

But, maybe this is a little better.

<center><table><tr><td rowspan="2"><h1><b>%l:%M</b></h1></td><td style="font-size: 11px; color: lightgrey;"><b><u> %p</u></b></tr><tr><td style="font-size:14px; vertical-align: top; color: grey;"><b>:%S</b></td></tr></table></center> - Mar 30 2009
Adjustable Clock

Plasma 4 Extensions by Emdek 354 comments

It took me a while but, this is the best I could come up with.

<center><table><tr><td rowspan="2"><h1><b>%l:%M</b></h1></td><td style="font-size: 11px"><b><u>%p</u></b></tr><tr><td style="font-size:14px; vertical-align: top;"><b>%S</b></td></tr></table></center> - Mar 30 2009
UV bespin preset

Be-Shell/Bespin by Num83rGuy 4 comments

I noticed that as of this comment this preset has a rating of 44%.

If anyone has suggestions on how I could improve this preset then please let me know and I will do my best to improve it and will know what people want in the future. - Mar 29 2009
bespin SVN script

Tutorials and Scripts by Num83rGuy 2 comments

Thanks for the tips and for all of your work on Bespin.

This is my first bash script that goes beyond just calling external programs in sequence.

And yes, I did read the readme, really.
I was hoping to make things like the bootsplash install on a command line switch added after the script name on the command line with a strong warning.

As for the preset thing, I didn't know that the bespin external config dialog had commandline options. ( Though I never really looked. ) But, yes I knew that if you import the same preset twice they go in numbered sequence.
So, I was trying to think of a way to only add changed or new presets. Perhaps create a new presets group file then dif and merge and/or string compare?

But if you make ( or have made if I read that wrong ) an update commandline option it would make my life easier. ;)

Anyway, I will try to incorporate your suggestions into the script sometime in the next few days, I still have a lot of trees to plant and a garden to till by hand. - Mar 28 2009

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