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Ziul Nossile , Brazil
kernel_script Desktop, 2010.09.13

Gnome Screenshots by kernel-script 2 comments

Bem clean o visual do seu desk cara, muito bom como sempre.

Te aconselho a dar uma olhada no AWN, nas últimas versões tem um applet para o "indicator" e usando em conjunto com o de "notification area" você teria o painel superior com menos ícones, evitando o excesso de informação visual.

- Sep 13 2010
Plasma Emerald Theme Generator

Compiz Themes by hurricanek 12 comments

it really should be posted here? In GNOME-look? - Jun 10 2009
Human skin

GTK2 Themes by ugluck 19 comments

Very good, would be a great default theme. unfortunately the Canonical does not accept the themes made by the community. - May 26 2009
ECSTATiCA (formerly NOX)

GTK2 Themes by estrayk 38 comments

:) - May 22 2009

DockbarX Themes by M7S 997 comments

It would be possible to integrate the applets of AWN in DockBarX?

I would be very good and DockBarX would not be a copy of the Win7 "Superbar" or OS X Dock. - May 14 2009
Window Applets

Gnome Extensions by holodeck 376 comments

Only 1 panel with:

Menu Bar
Global Menu
Window Buttons Applet

AWESOME! - May 02 2009
Window Applets

Gnome Extensions by holodeck 376 comments

The use in conjunction with the Global Menu to be very interesting. - Apr 29 2009

DockbarX Themes by M7S 997 comments

From FAQ:

Quote:"Q: I don't like the looks of launcher buttons/That yellow line under the picture is ugly. How can I change it?
A: You can change the looks of the launcher button by editing ~/.dockbar/launcher_icon.png (if you have no ~/.dockbar/launcher_icon.png, copy it from /usr/share/pixmaps/dockbar/launcher_icon.png). The yellow line is ~/.dockbar/active_icon.png (or /usr/share/pixmaps/dockbar/active_icon.png). You can change them however you want as long as they are png-files.

If you have an artistic personality and make a beautiful launcher_icon.png and/or active_icon.png, don't hesitate to send it to me. I hope I will be able to publish a package of alternative launcher icons soon." - Apr 07 2009

DockbarX Themes by M7S 997 comments

Awesome job dude! - Apr 01 2009

Full Icon Themes by yopnono 70 comments

This is the best icon pack that I have seen. continue the great work. - Jul 02 2008
vision (codename inspiration)

GTK2 Themes by TheRob 218 comments

Your theme recalls a little further this theme

Very nice. - May 19 2008

Full Icon Themes
by tiheum

Sep 26 2010

Various Gnome Stuff
by OrphanShadow

Sep 09 2010
Nov 07 2009
New Wave

GTK2 Themes
by dilomo

Apr 04 2009

DockbarX Themes
by M7S

Mar 28 2009
Configure Hydroxygen

Icon Sub-Sets
by syco

Feb 17 2009

DockbarX Themes
by aleksey

Feb 02 2009
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