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Niko Mirthes
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Mar 12 2007
I know. I've asked and bugged about this on several occasions. Many of the icons needed for a consistent look on KDE simply don't exist in the naming spec (and probably shouldn't). It's certainly possible to create an icon set to fill in the gaps, but I haven't the time to try and organize such a project. - Mar 12 2007
Thank you! The Tango icons are still being worked on, and it'll be a while before it's done. The other problem is KDE's hard-wiring of icon contexts. Tango uses a several new icon contexts described at which aren't "seen" by KDE 3.x.x. As a result, any icons placed in these new contexts aren't seen in the UI. - Jan 22 2006
While the provided patches to KDE allow the icons in the icon contexts not used by KDE to become available, they are not absolutely necessary. The Tango icon theme will work, but any icons in these new contexts will not be visible in the UI.
I'm currently working on an install-able package, but I've yet to discover a way to have tar deal with symlinks when compressing the theme. - Jan 18 2006
Hmm, I'll take a look at that theme. However, what's bothering me is Gnome doesn't have the same issue with icon contexts that KDE has. Gnome will happily search from the top directory of an icon theme for a given icon name regardless of the icon context. KDE on the other hand hard-codes and validates each icon context. So I'd still need to ask everyone to patch KDE, otherwise Crystal icons show up all over. - Jan 14 2006
I've just attempted to create an install-able theme, but it's not working out. I haven't given up, though. I'll try again soon, time permitting. - Jan 14 2006
Did you notice which utility did the conversion from SVG to PNG? The rsvg utility from a recent version of librsvg is preferred, as stated in the post. If the conversion is done by ksvgtopng, the resulting PNGs look terrible. I guess I'm going to have to create an installable tarball to avoid this and other bugs caused by poor support for the SVG format. - Jan 10 2006
I would like to apologize myself. I saw your second post and got a bit upset. Then I started looking around the Tango site to see how anyone could have gotten the idea that the theme spec was being claimed as new and created by the Tango project. And there it was - a link to the naming spec, but labeled "Icon theme Specification"! Argh. At some point one of the Tango artists had made some changes and mistakenly labeled it as such. I've since edited that page to differentiate clearly between the two specifications. Again, sorry for the mix up. - Dec 17 2005
I've added a bit more detail to the instructions. Sorry it's such a PITA.

First, find out what KDEDIR is set to:

echo $KDEDIR


kde-config --prefix

For me, it's /usr
Then use that value for the --prefix.

./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-png-creation

Just ask if you'd like further assistance. - Dec 16 2005
Ok, i've tried to make the information found at a bit more clear. Apparently, there were some previous edits to that page that might be confusing to some people. Again, the Icon Naming Specification is *new* and is intended to *compliment* the Icon Theme Specification. - Dec 15 2005
PFFT. Smoke another one. - Dec 15 2005
Right. I've just realised you posted twice, and you're obviously misinformed. It's usually a good idea to to do some checking before saying something that's not true. My only involvement with Tango project has been to submit patches to allow the icon theme to work on KDE. I've posted about it here because I thought KDE users might like to know the theme is also intended to work on KDE. - Dec 15 2005
No, there is no existing icon naming spec at just yet, though there will be soon. There is the existing icon *theme* spec, which the proposed icon naming spec hopes to compliment. - Dec 15 2005
I've tried to be very clear with the instructions. There were some changes to the way the icon naming utils are installed. I'll update the instructions shortly.
I've decided against adding a typical icon theme since that seems to defeat the overall purpose. - Dec 14 2005
The icon naming spec is actually in cvs at Hopefully, it will soon be hosted at
along the the other desktop-related specs. - Dec 09 2005
I've added basic inscructions. I hope they're useful. - Dec 08 2005
In my experience, Tango's goals don't include the gnome-ification of KDE by any means. Some of the artists involved are, or have been, contributors to the GNOME project and others, hence the familiar styles. Keep in mind, contributions and criticism are welcome.
It's the overall goal, a unified icon naming scheme, that I find important. This would allow an icon theme author to release a theme once and expect it to work on all desktop environments that support the Standard Icon Naming Specification. In some ways, the Tango icon theme can be thought of as an implementation of this proposed specification. - Dec 06 2005

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by enef
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May 10 2007
Nice work! But, you've used GPL while Tango is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. This means icons and artwork using components from Tango need to be similarly licensed. I'd recommend specifying both licenses. - Mar 12 2007
Tango (KDE prepackaged)

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Sep 14 2006
Note the Tango icon set is not under the GPL, it uses the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

And yes, Icon Naming Utilities creates symlinks which makes tarring up an installable package rather difficult which is why i've never posted one at - Sep 14 2006

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Aug 26 2006
The file seems to be zero length. You might want to fix that... - Aug 25 2006

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Jul 03 2008
Hi Pareno,

Thanks very much for your efforts! My one issue involves the highlight on the current date. It's offset upwards by several pixels. Is there anything I can do to fix this? - Jan 28 2006
Tux Defends Carmen

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Jan 11 2006
This is undoubtedly copyrighted material, not to mention disgusting and juvenile. - Jan 11 2006