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Nils Weigel Hamburg, Germany
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Plasma 4 Extensions
TaskList plugin for KDevelop

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Mar 24 2011

nice, the kdevelop man himself ;)

sorry for no updates in a quite long time, but i investigated the akonadi idea quite a bit and came to the conclusion that i want it!

...if it would be a simple .xml file or similar it could be added to the project's source folder and shared between developers...

i thought that too and am already using it for at least one of my projects. nice side effect is that it is synced with the usual version control system (GIT)
i tried to find a way to get a project specific configuration but failed to find any.
care to give me a hint to point me in the right direction?

to everybody else: tell me if you are using it or like to use it if it just had feature xy... or i might think '...nobody else is using it so why bother improving it...' - Apr 13 2011
to use akonadi was my original intention, but i could not find any special ressources for todos but only calendar items in general. maybe i did not research it enough ;)
i will look into that again!

writing a redmine ressource for akonadi is certainly an interesting idea, i will definitly look into that too! - Mar 25 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions 17 comments

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Mar 24 2011
yes, this and that are different.
in response to that, i renamed mine to Timoid ... - Jul 27 2008
originally i tried to use knotify which could fire a sound, a command or whatever and would be configurable through system settings, but for some reason it wouldn't work.
but i definetly will try again ;)
-- check back later... - Jul 24 2008
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by jimmy88

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9   Mar 26 2011
Bubble Ring dual sceen

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by cpufx

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9   Mar 25 2011
Mt Cook Dual Head

Wallpaper Other
by petebrew

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9   Mar 25 2011
Score 76.4%
9   Mar 25 2011