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marce villarino
XHTML Wysiwyg Qeditor

Text Editors by patrik08 12 comments

cool, have you any plan to add support to edit docbook files, namely kde's documentation? - Jun 01 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by wren 7 comments

Integrate it with klick in a way such that your menoku shows with grey colour those apps available through klik that are not installed and, if press the greyed icon, klick-install & run it. It would also be nice if you added some "convolution" with KOrganizer, in a way such that you could "index" each application with several words, like "cad", "map", "report", "phone call" (something similar to the tags in aptitude), and then, in the case that you had on korganizer some task at the present time which description contains one of that words, build a menu group, "present task", which contain the applications related to the task. - Feb 10 2006
tX XML editor

Office Apps by jinsookang 7 comments

Compiles perfectly on debian testing.
I find it usefull for the edition/translation of documentation of docbooks.
It need a small improvement on the visual area, in particular on icons and also, I should prefer that the elements where displayed wider (now I find then too narrow for the height they have.
In particular, It would be preferable to adjust the leftmos border of the leftmost cell to the left border of the display area.
But remember, this appreciations are based on a docbook edition/translation basis. - Oct 06 2005
MagicLinux Control panel

System Software by chunxiayu 30 comments

running it due to icons permissions --but solved adding read to other users in that cases it was necessary-- (Please note, in my case it was necessary to convert to deb format --using alien-- as I'm a debian user)

And, finally a question. Why did you use gtk instead of Qt? - Aug 17 2004