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Mar 02 2011

As for the problem, it's funny because I have code to work around exactly that situation... if you know how to do it, it would be nice if you were able to manually run the queries used by the getAlbum() function (in main.js) on your database, for the offending album. - Jan 16 2013
Just FYI, Amarok 2.6 (or the updated Phonon backend package) seems to make the script behave a lot better. - Aug 25 2012
I'm hitting this now with Kubuntu 12.04, so at least I have a system where to debug the issue now. - May 01 2012
Finally got to run amarok 2.5, and I don't see the behavior you're describing. Everything seems to be working like before for me. - Jan 19 2012
Ah, I see what you mean. Unfortunately this is not something I can control from the script. If you really want that feature, I'd suggest you file a feature request for amarok (at - Jan 15 2011
I see an option in amarok's keyboard shortcut configuration dialog to assign shortcuts to all of the scripts options. Do you not see that?

I moved the "turn off auto load" option to the config after amarok implemented support to detect "stop after track" from the script API. That way the script can stop easily when you use that option. I'd rather keep the menus less cluttered (since the script API doesn't seem to have support for adding sub-menus, only menu items). - Dec 05 2010
If I understand what you're asking for, that would require a significant rewrite of the plugin. Right now the script works with just the information in the amarok database; so if amarok is tracking your symlinks, then the script will pick them up. If it's not, the script has no way of knowing about them.

Doing it differently would require the script to have its own list of places where to find songs. While doable, that's kinda against the purpose of the plugin - it would be reimplementing a lot of logic already inside amarok.

Some previous suggesting of adding bias controls could probably help you, but I really don't know if I'll get to that (since it's not something that really interests me).

About the change you ask about, it just means the script keeps track of albums it has chosen even across sessions. So if you close amarok, open it up again, and choose a new random album, the script will not choose the album that was playing before you closed amarok (something that actually happened to me). - Aug 23 2010
I don't think that has any relation to this script. I've had it happen to me in the past even before I had the script. It's pretty annoying having to redownload a lot of cover art, I'll give that to you.

(To break the pattern for me, I just upgraded to 2.3 and this time it didn't lose all my covers. And the script still works. Yay!) - Mar 16 2010
Yeah, I figured it would be something related to the SQL queries... amarok's DB schema is quite confusing where it relates to URLs, and I haven't yet been able to grok the C++ code enough to understand how to use it correctly.

You can send your patches to my e-mail (it's at the top of main.js) and I can look at integrating them with the code. - Jul 06 2009
Hmm... I'm running 2.1.1 (didn't even notice it was upgraded) and the script is running fine for me.

I'd need more info to figure out what's wrong in your case; running "amarok --debug" from a terminal and sending me the output would be a start, but better yet would be to send me your ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/mysqle directory (or the whole of ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok). - Jul 03 2009
I stared at the script API for a while and couldn't see a way to detect that "stop after track" is enabled... so I guess the only way to stop the script currently is to go to the script manager and stop it there.

I'll look at adding an easier way to stop the script. - Jun 11 2009
Good timing on your part since I just upgraded to 2.1 and had to fix the script. :-) - Jun 09 2009
Thanks for the comments. I'm using Amarok 2.0.2, so there's a chance that something may have changed that makes the script work on that release...

In any case, you can send the output to my e-mail (it's at the top of the script's main.js) so I can see if someone interesting pops up.

One thing you can try is to increase the delay between detecting the end of the playlist and replacing it; on line 199 of main.js, change:




(Or some other value.) Without this timer Amarok got really confused when the script ran, so maybe something similar is happening in your case. - May 10 2009