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Peter G , Netherlands
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Cliparts by peterm 34 comments

I don't know, it's the official Kubuntu logo and color scheme. It came straight of the kubuntu wiki. The "crystal" version of the Kubuntu logo, that came with version 6.10, is a bit darker, tough. The 7.04 logo is even darker, but it would make the sticker a bit dark if you used that color scheme, don't you think? ;) - Apr 24 2007
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Cliparts by minotaur 4 comments

That's one neat sticker you made there! - Apr 23 2007
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Cliparts by peterm 34 comments

These stickers are very nice, but I suggest that you rotate the "circle of friends" on the ubuntu sticker so that the middle-orange head is pointing left, like in the original ubuntu logo. And could you please add an kubuntu and xubuntu version? Otherwise, they are very nice. - Apr 22 2007
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KDE 3.5 Themes by muis24 3 comments

It should be fixed now. - Apr 08 2007