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Nikita Melnichenko , Russian Federation
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Plasma 4 Extensions 26 comments

by msan
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Apr 25 2011
I have the same issue on KDE SC 4.8.3. It seems that something is broken in the system dataengine "executable", which is responsible for running this command. BTW, I receive these messages on console after the first run of the command 'date +%S':

Object::disconnect: No such slot JsAppletInterface::dataUpdated(QString,Plasma::DataEngine::Data)
Object::disconnect: (sender name: 'date +%S')

I'll try to create a testcase and file a bug to KDE Bugzilla. I don't see any way to workaround this, sorry... - Aug 22 2012
Try to execute that line: python '/home/framp/.kde4 ... "displayed_part":"Elapsed"}}'

You should see a dialog.
I suppose it doesn't work because of PyQt or something. - May 04 2011
Should work now. Please, test! - Apr 26 2011
I've implemented walk-around for one issue and found two another issues that has significant impact on plasmoid. This means that KDE-4.6 users should wait a little bit more for the next bugfix release. Sorry guys... - Apr 18 2011
I'm going to update KDE to version 4.6.2 this weekend, and I'll try to find out the reason of the error very soon.

Thanks for the message! - Apr 15 2011

sorry for this delay. Actually, it's hard to say where the problem is. Very probably there were some API changes, and plasmoid needs to be fixed. However, I haven't tried 4.6 yet, so I can't help you right now. As soon as I can get it, I'll try to fix the MakeProgress. Thanks for this report!

Nikita. - Feb 11 2011
ok. updated my todo list :) - Apr 20 2010
Sorry to hear that. My hosting is located in the US too. It's really strange. I'm going to ask you technical details by private message if you don't mind...

Current release is also available on KDE forum: - Apr 12 2010
It works for me, at least for now. Maybe that was a temporary downtime, I don't know... Please, inform me if it will repeat again. Also you can try to download files from the homepage. Thanks for report. - Apr 08 2010
Lyrics Manager

Amarok 1.x Scripts 53 comments

by msan
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Dec 02 2009
Finally I've added support for this feature. :) - Jul 20 2009
Hi! I'm glad, that you like my script.
I've implemented requested feature. Check out a new release (new %f and %F placeholders). Tell me, if something goes wrong. - May 01 2008
Unfortunately, I don't know how to solve this. I think, this is by design, by the amaroK's method used to communicate with scripts (via DCOP). You can try to do following, when song is playing:
# dcop amarok player lyrics > lyrics.txt
and then open lyrics.txt with UTF viewer. All special chars are missed. :(

I need to setup dcop to output UTF text somehow. If somebody know how to do it, please, write here! - Feb 05 2008
Please, read thread 'about reported bug', turn debug on and send me output information. I'll try to find out what is going on. - Feb 04 2008
Thank you for report! I've released a new version fixing this. - Aug 27 2007
Please, check a new release up! - Jul 19 2007
There is the log window for each script:
Tools->Script Manager, popup on the script: Show Output Log. - Jan 25 2007
I've just improved collection search algorithm. Thanks to bleearg for his reports and help!

I hope that the script will work for many environments now. If not - let me know. - Nov 27 2006
Dear users!

After changes of amaroK behaviour on db level in this fall, some of you have reported about problems, that my script can't find requested file in collection. I had to switch to new db schema, and script worked fine for my environment after that. But I still receive bug reports about it. I wondered and tried to study deeply, checked script on MySQL, played with settings and so on... but script every time works fine for me. I can't reproduce it and it's hard to understand how bug could be described to be reproduced.

First step towards is in the new release (v0.2.6). I've implemented internal debug switch in the script that could help to understand the nature of problem. To activate debug mode you need to edit installed script ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/lyrics-manager/ at the 12th line replacing it by "$DEBUG = 1;". Then you can run (rerun) script, do some action, and you could see messages about SQL queries and answers in the log. You can send this log to me by email with information about versions of your software (as it written in the script's docs in About window) and list of your actions. Then may be I'll able to understand what's going on.

Also, when I tested new release, I noticed at the moment, that internal state of amaroK db is wrong. I can't reproduce this to send a bug to amaroK team, but I think it concerned with mount/unmount, fstab or smth, because the 'devices' table had new state, but the 'tags' table contained old device ids. So I recommend you to backup old db, delete and regenerate it for clean check. My script uses this tables and can't work if they are wrong. - Nov 23 2006
It's very strange, especially that we have same version numbers. I've sent you a letter, please, answer it. It will help to understand the nature of the problem. - Oct 16 2006
Same here. I'll try to fix it soon. - Sep 29 2006
Thanks for bug report. I would like to know, which version of the player do you use? I'm not sure, but if it's fresh enough, the in-collection detection algorithm could become old. The thing that this algorithm keeps is proper behaviour on previous releases of amaroK, where there was no saved lyrics for out-of-collection files (so script can't save or load any lyrics for them).

I'm going to update my amaroK on the weekend and check this up. - Sep 21 2006
No, this script does not use any id3 tags. It deal with amaroK database, which contains rich information about your collection and lyrics in particular.

There are earlier comments about ipod in this discussion, may be they can help you. Also it seems to me that some months ago I've met amaroK script, that write lyrics to USLT, but I'm not sure. - Sep 21 2006
Yes, it's possible. But this change is not very simple as it requires additional thread or process for waiting. Actually, I havn't written such things on perl yet, so you have to wait some time for the implementation. You can use mass export meanwhile. - Jul 14 2006
Unfortunately, there is no way to do so. Technically I can't recognize from my script when lyrics were fetched by another script. - Jul 12 2006

You can't place slash symbol in file names because it used in paths as a separator. It's a system restriction. 'AC/DC - TNT.txt' is considered as 'DC - TNT.txt' file in 'AC' subdirectory (you get an error, because this subdir is not exist).

Solution to this problem could be a slash replacing in file name. For ex., the name of text file would be 'AC-DC - TNT.txt' or 'AC%DC - TNT.txt'. If you like this, I could implement it...

If you have another proposal, let's discuss it! - Jun 24 2006
Thank you! It's very interesting and useful information. contextbrowser.showLyrics is a complete solution to refresh problem.

I've tested some notifications and dcop calls. They work. But I've noticed that new amaroK 1.4 notifications are sent not only to 'type=lyrics' scripts. My script could handle it too. It's a bad practice to use it, I think, because it would conflict with running lyrics script... It's not fair to set type of my script to 'lyrics', because the main aim of the script is not to fetch local lyrics, though I'm about to implement automatic import somehow :). By setting 'lyrics' type I deny other fetching scripts to run at the same time.

Some months ago, when I had read about lyrics fetching, tried it and discovered this constraint (to run only one 'type=lyrics' script), the idea of a script collection came to me. It is the same, I think, as fredlefred wrote in discussion in mini-forum of the Panzi's Lyrics script. I am trying to show the importance of such script and the value of this constraint. Your script (Panzi's Lyrics) is a great step towards. If you would not have much time to write it, I'm about to do it (or maybe someone else, who cares).
Imho it must be implemented in amaroK as an internal feature. - May 03 2006
Thank you very much for telling me about 1.4 version changes! I had some problems with 1.4 beta releases, beta2 is not working for me now, so I can't check it up by myself... I'll try to set it up soon and to fix the script.

And there is no such simple solution as to cancel concatenation of br tags, because of amarok 1.3 users, those have different lyrics processing in player. There should be lyrics processing dependent on version number. - Mar 16 2006
Current version of Lyrics Manager can't autoload texts from files when song starts playing. But I think it's a great idea to adopt fetching lyrics mechanism for implementing such a feature. Fetching lyrics event is implemented in unstable amaroK 1.4 releases, those are not fully documented for now, however I'll try to check this out and if it could be adopted, I'll include support for this feature in next few releases of the script.

When you click "import", the script loads file contents to amaroK database. The loaded text should be visible in lyrics tab during the next track playing.

Also it is known issue that you import current track lyrics and lyrics tab is not autorefreshing (you need to relaunch song playing to see the text), but I don't know the way to walk around. If someone could help me with this issue, please, contact me!

I'm currently developing next version of the script with mass import and export support. Maybe it would be more suitable for your needs, because you can edit many files and than import them to amarok in one click! - Mar 10 2006
To select hidden directories you just need to turn on this feature in popup menu in Directory chooser. Afaik, it is true for all standard KDE choosers. - Mar 10 2006
It seems to me that you're running perl script from command line. You need amaroK Script Manager (launched from Tools->Script Manager) to setup this script properly. Choose Install script and select downloaded archive, than choose Run.

The second thing is that perl don't understand paths, those are begun with '~', that's why you need global path (starting with '/') for texts directory. If you have KDialog and use GUI configuration, than there is no worries. I'll include support for a '~' in future versions. - Mar 09 2006
According to Script-Writing HowTo at amaroK Wiki ( amaroK scripts are run in the directory ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/ so any configuration files should be written to that directory. If you have no writing permissions to that directory for some reason, then you can receive this kind of message.
You could download updated version (0.1.2) of the script as I've extended some error messages and you can see where actually config file is. Also it can be useful to read a new usage part of about information of this script in amaroK.
Please, reply this post and tell me, whether you successful with this instructions or not. - Feb 25 2006
Thank you for your advice! BTW, any comments, bug reports and feature requests are mush appreciated! - Feb 24 2006