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Charles A.
Redshift for Elementary #5

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Oct 29 2010
I believe rebuilding the cache is a good idea, yes.

I usually just delete the icon-theme.cache file for the theme, switch to another icon theme and then back again. - Oct 30 2010
Depending on where the icons are installed, put redshift-status-on.svg and redshift-status-off.svg in:


Or if that folder doesn't exist:

/home/username/.icons/elementary/panel/22/ - Oct 30 2010
Tango/Gnome style Dropbox emblems

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May 08 2010
Like the monochrome icons in the panel?
Sure, I could do that but I can't see how it would be useful. - Apr 21 2010

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Sep 25 2009
Hi, I don't know why you removed them but I miss a few icons which I think were included in older releases.
These are:

nvidia-settings (Settings for NVIDIA graphics cards)
ubuntu-tweak (Awesome utility for tweaking hidden settings)
nautilus-actions (An app for adding extra items to the right click menu in Nautilus)

I've noticed how a lot of the application icons get removed. This is sad, mostly because it's one of the biggest reasons why I even use this theme.
It used to allow me to quickly get a set of beautiful and consistent set of icons on the entire system. - Jun 15 2009
Thank you for your work on this amazing icon theme!

I have some information about the Dropbox issue.

Dropbox uses the emblem system in nautilus. It just switches the emblem when the status of a file or folder changes.
The default emblems are placed in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/emblems and consist of 3 rather ugly icons as you can see here:
They're only included in one size and aren't scalable.

If you include emblems in your theme with the same names they'll be used instead of the default ones. You won't have to add it to the extras. - Jan 07 2009