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Nov 09 2019
Thanks, glad you like it! - Nov 03 2019
Thanks! - Nov 03 2019
Thank you for the kind words! I've tried some kvantum themes - they look promising, but there were issues here and there. I use default kde style (breeze) for qt5 apps, it has different look&feel, but works flawlessly. - Oct 31 2019
Thanks! Nice to see you again )) - Sep 15 2019
Thanks! - Sep 15 2019
Yep, currently, theme supports only gnome/xfce/sway, and I dont have plans to add other environments. - Jul 13 2019
General button colors/styles located here:

You’re looking for this part:

Just keep in mind, that you dont want to change $c variable to hardcoded value here - sometimes button can have different colors (suggestive, destructive, infobars etc), so you need to set color relative to $c. - Apr 17 2019
I dont have proper xfce support yet. I have plans to add it, but support will be basic and simple, no additional options. - Jan 16 2019
Actually, I think found a way to fix this and pushed a commit. Check it out, tabs should work fine now. Happy New Year! - Dec 30 2018
I guess you talking about active tab background - it looks like it interferes with window content. Actually, it’s not, and both active tabs looks the same way, you can see it on this screenshot with zoomed widgets Second screenshot shows how those widgets looks like in native gtk2 application - window content below tab has border So, the problem here is not with the theme, but with qt5gtk2 engine, probably, it uses widgets wrong way (and this tab bar is a bit hacky, but all the related code was forked from Adwaita gtk2 theme - default one - and I prefer keep changes to minimum). I cant help you here. You can try to add border for window content that is below the tab bar (not sure if it is possible). Also, afaik, qt5gtk2 engine is unsupported and was dropped from qt5. I use qt5 applications with Fusion theme (with some color adjustments) - it looks different, but works without issues. - Dec 30 2018
Can you provide more specific info? Application, where to look? Preferably, screenshot with the bug. - Dec 30 2018
I won't ship and maintain classic/modern variants. - Dec 23 2018
You can open src/gtk3/_colors.scss and edit accent color variables. First pair is $selected_bl_color and $selected_fl_color - colors used for (not-only) text selection (light background/dark foreground), the second pair is $selected_bg_color and $selected_fg_color - darker accent color with light (matching) foreground color. Then, you should change accent color (selected_bg_color) for gtk2 theme in src/gtk2/gtkrc (and, probably, matching selected_fg_color too). For best experience, you should also modify colors on gtk2 assets (like progressbar, selected entry border, etc) - edit src/gtk2/assets.svg - replace colored elements with color you want in inkscape and re-render assets with script in the same directory (by default it will override existing assets files).
When you made changes, continue with regular installation procedure. - Dec 16 2018
I'll think about adding classic/modern variants. - Dec 01 2018
Looks like meson version is too old in debian stable. Required version is 0.40+. You can try download already built theme from Fedora copr repo (it is an archive file, just extract it somewhere, then copy Lounge folder to ~/.themes). Not sure how it will look though. - Nov 27 2018
Separator feature was introduced in nautilus 3.30. Most likely you are using nautilus 3.28 (or even 3.26). - Nov 14 2018
Thank you! - Nov 13 2018
Glad you like it! - Nov 13 2018
Thanks! - Nov 13 2018
Anyway, thanks for mention it, I'll look closer, maybe I can improve position somehow. - Sep 23 2018
Yep. It supposed to be at right side, but afaik propor positioning only possible with creating extension for gnome-shell (margins in percent doesnt work). So, right now swither is at far right side on 1280px width screens, but on 1920 it is a bit closer to center. I dont like centered switcher, because it steals focus (I use workspaces a lot), with swither on the side it easier to imminently catch what's opened on current workspace. - Sep 23 2018
Done, version 1.0 has Lounge-night theme (dark gtk2/gtk3). - Sep 23 2018
Done, version 1.0 has Lounge-night theme (dark gtk2/gtk3). - Sep 23 2018
Yes, It will be available in two weeks. - Sep 18 2018
Thanks! I hoped nobody will ask for it)) I'll add it (not very soon, need to polish gtk3 dark theme first). - Sep 07 2018

GTK2 Themes 77 comments

by 2sev
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Apr 29 2011
+ - Sep 04 2018

GTK2 Themes
by 2sev

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Sep 04 2018

GTK2 Themes
by 2sev

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