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Marti van Lin Maastricht, Netherlands
Lucid icon

GnoMenu Skins by martinsarti 1 comment

Exactly the GnomeMenu Icon I have been waiting for.

Thank you very much! - Jul 09 2010
New ubuntu slogan

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mtax 11 comments

Agreed, I voted down (which I usually never do). First he insults GNU/Linux users for not caring about freedom. Then he comments it with some homophobia. The only person who clearly doesn't know how to handle freedom is the narrow minded mtax himself.

- Apr 05 2010

Wallpaper Other by ml2mst 1 comment

My apologies to those who tried to download it previously.

The link is updated now ;-) - Jan 16 2010
Obama Smiley Faces for Pidgin

Various Gnome Stuff by jesuschrist3 8 comments

No idea what your intentions are, but I voted good. At least the US has a respectable president for a change.

Unfortunately this entry confronted with a "Sarah (Palin) for 2012 add".

Whassup? did the witch escaped the asylum again? - Jan 15 2010
linux - Break the chains, think freely.

Wallpaper Other by musl1m 1 comment

No idea why this is modded down, because IMHO it's freaking awesome ;-)

Great work Musl1m!

Thank you very much ;-) - Dec 18 2009

Wallpaper Other by ml2mst 4 comments

Thank you for your comment, you wrote:
Quote:it looks like you've uploaded just a screenshot and not the actual wallpaper file itself. Once you've corrected that, I'll be happy to download it.
I tested it once more, after your comment and it seems to work fine.

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, it (standards) opens the file in the default bitmap viewer (in my case AOG or some such). You can save it to disk or in my case I save it to disk with the DownThemAll Firefox extension.
Quote:Oh, and about the snow, if you're able to do the Compiz animations, there's a package you can download called compiz-fusion-plugins-extra (available in the Ubuntu repos) that has, among other things, a snow effect I like better (I used to use xsnow before I bought my current computer, which has an NVidia card in it, as the last one didn't).
Ah yes, been there done that. For some odd reason I can't get Fire, Water nor Snow to work. I have all extras for Compiz-Fusion installed (using the Cylinder in stead of the Cube for my 6 virtual desktops).

I am strictly using nVIDIA based GPU's.

Happy Holidays to you and your Family!

Love is the only thing that matters... - Dec 12 2009

Wallpaper Other by ml2mst 4 comments

Also Happy Hanukkah to my beloved children of Israel ;-)

Shalom Aleihem - Dec 12 2009
Christmas Remix

Full Icon Themes by fredbird67 10 comments

Thanks for the respond fredbird67!

I gave it another try and this time it was successful indeed.

Thank you very much ;-) - Dec 09 2009
Christmas Remix

Full Icon Themes by fredbird67 10 comments

What a pity, such great work, but the download doesn't work. The file hoster forces one to sign up for a Premium account.

I sincerely hope that you will be able to host it somewhere else (a less greedy hoster). - Dec 09 2009
Ubuntu 9.10 CD/DVD Label White Beauty

CD/DVD Labels by vinutux 4 comments

Kudos to you, great work! - Oct 10 2009

People by gnominho 3 comments

Voted good, because It's funny and well done!

Always look on the bright side of life ;-) - Sep 06 2009
FreeBSD: Hacker's os

Wallpapers BSD by killasmurf86 3 comments

Thank you very much, Great work! - Aug 09 2009
Yet Another Tux Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by ml2mst 2 comments

Thanks for the comment. Preview is updated to 640x480 by now. Or is that too large? - Apr 28 2009

Cairo Clock by Puli 15 comments

Hi there, after a couple of hours I've got it to work (had the same problem as previous posters).

I copied all files to:


What finally did the job, was removing the theme.conf file.

(Ubuntu 8.10)

Cheers - Apr 19 2009
Complete Vista Aero theme (automated)

Various Gnome Stuff by Sunsparc 96 comments

Hi, thanks for the nice work, however the script still has errors. I logged its output to a file. Most of it is in English, however some lines are in Dutch:

marti@marti-laptop:~/aero$ sh ./INSTALL
: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 2:

Moving GTK theme

'p: invalid option -- '
Probeer `cp --help' voor meer informatie.
'p: invalid option -- '
Probeer `cp --help' voor meer informatie.

Done moving GTK theme

: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 13:

Moving icon theme

cd: 19: can't cd to /home/marti/aero/icon-theme/
'p: invalid option -- '
Probeer `cp --help' voor meer informatie.

Done moving icon theme
: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 23:
: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 24:

Moving mouse cursor theme

'p: invalid option -- '
Probeer `cp --help' voor meer informatie.
cd: 30: can't cd to ..

Done moving mouse cursor theme
: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 33:
: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 34:

Moving GNOME splash

mkdir: kan map `/home/marti/.gnome2/splashes/\r' niet aanmaken: Bestand of map bestaat niet
cp: kan stat niet toepassen op `/home/marti/aero/vista-splash.png': Bestand of map bestaat niet

Done moving GNOME splash
: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 43:
: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 44:

Moving Vista startup sound

cp: kan stat niet toepassen op `/home/marti/aero/vista-startup.wav': Bestand of map bestaat niet

Done moving Vista startup sound
: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 52:

Moving GDM Vista login theme

'p: invalid option -- '
Probeer `cp --help' voor meer informatie.

Done moving GDM login theme
: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 60:

Moving the Vista Emerald theme

cp: kan stat niet toepassen op `/home/marti/aero/aero_blue.emerald': Bestand of map bestaat niet

Done moving Emerald theme
: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 68:

Moving Segoe UI font files

mkdir: kan map `/home/marti/.fonts/\r' niet aanmaken: Bestand of map bestaat niet
cp: kan stat niet toepassen op `/home/marti/aero/seg*': Bestand of map bestaat niet

Done moving font
: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 77:

Now launching post install instructions

: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 82:
: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 84:
: not found/aero/vista/INSTALL: 85: emerald-theme-manager

Also the file "After Install" seems to be empty.

HTH. - Nov 05 2008
Blue Lagoon X

GTK2 Themes by leonardo409 5 comments

This is not Yet another theme, this is art!

Thank you so much ;-) - Mar 06 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba by LinWinster 4 comments

Thank you, this one is really great! It's multifunctional yet even small, just the way I like it.

Superb! - Oct 08 2007

KDE 3 Color Schemes by zaf 1 comment

Oh my, I just installed it and it really looks bleeding edge. Astonishing what a "simple" color scheme can do! Very well done. Thanks a lot! - Jul 21 2007

KDE 3 Color Schemes by fuze 6 comments

Now this is a way cool color scheme, makes Visduh look like rubbish :-)

Thanks a lot! - Jun 28 2007
Kickoff-qt on Kubuntu 7.04

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Ruffinius 79 comments

Don't care what others say, I really think it's way cool. Installing the smallest file, was a breeze.

Thanks a lot, I love it! - Jun 28 2007
SuSE REvaline's Crystal Clear Green

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by regendra 11 comments

Hi guys,

It seems some have quite some problems installing this cute splash screen, so here is a simple work around.

The most easy way to install the splash screen is by using the split screen filemanager Krusader in Superuser mode. On the left panel simply click on the ZIP file and you will see a subdirectory. On the right panel go to the next directory:


Now simply return to the left panel and move the cursor to the SuSE Clear Crystal Green directory and press F5 to copy it.

Finally fire up the KDE Configuration Center > Look and Feel > Startup screen and choose SuSE Clear Crystal Green and your fine.

Have fun! - Apr 30 2006
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes
by juandejesuss

Jul 09 2010
Lucid icon

GnoMenu Skins
by martinsarti

Jul 09 2010
9   Oct 06 2010