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Jan 13 2018
I have no idea how I can put kbackup into the ClickNRun repository.
If you can tell me whom to contact, I'll try to. - Nov 05 2006
This is already possible! Simply put the URL into the target folder field. E.g.: smb://hostname/share
See also the docs. - Oct 14 2006
The option to restore a backup is on the TODO list ...
Until that you can simply open konqueror, double click the backup tar file, select the file(s) to restore and in the right-mousebutton menu select "Extract to..." - Oct 12 2006
Hey, great! Thanks. - Oct 02 2006
I thought about this, but the problem is, that it would be an incompatible behaviour with what users got when using kbackup < 0.5

And as kbackup stores the prefix inside the profile (.kbp file), it will be used when you run kbackup from cron and pass that .kbp file. - Sep 25 2006
Shouldn't be complicated. I'll add this. - Sep 16 2006
I incorporated this already into kdelibs in SVN.

In addition you can find the patch here: - Sep 07 2006
I assume you want it to run then without displaying a GUI, right?
This could be done if one defines a URL as target, otherwise there is no user which does the medium change.
Would that be sufficient ?
What do others think ? - Sep 04 2006