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Plasma 4 Extensions

Plasma 4 Extensions 11 comments

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Mar 17 2016
It does! I'm not sure if it will work without kde5libs-dev and deps installed, but that's required to build anyway. - Mar 13 2016
Thank you for packaging! As I do not run OpenSUSE, I don't have access to packaging tools. I've considered using an OpenBuilds service, but haven't had the time to set it all up. - Jul 21 2014
Not a problem at all! The initial "release" was for a few friends that wanted only the Deb for Kubuntu x64 without the hassle of compiling and installing dependencies. It was uploaded before going to sleep, and I didn't feel like mucking around with creating github repo just yet.

Let me know if you have any build problems, as I have only tested the build on 3 machines of similar distributions and arch.

From what I can tell, kdelibs5-dev is the only "weird" package required to build, but if you've built other plasmoids from source, you probably have this installed. - Jan 27 2014
See my comment below, a Git repo has been created, and links to it and the Source are now included in the project. - Jan 27 2014
Yes, it's there now, I created a Git Repository for this. Sorry, it was uploaded last night as a Deb package for a few folks that needed only the binary.

The Source link is a Zip download from GitHub. Scripts to build, install, uninstall the project are included. - Jan 27 2014
SysTach System Monitor - Re-write!

Karamba & Superkaramba 17 comments

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Jan 08 2008
I'm not one to shoot/kill/maime folks, so that's out of the question :)

Working on a "full dashboard" version currently. Not as in "here's a bloated blob of meters you can't fit anywhere on your desktop conveniently" type of thing, but like different guages to complement this one.

Moving the meter sounds good, you'd only have to move it down in the .theme file, which should be easy, assuming you've extracted the skz.

My apologies for letting this thing stagnate a bit, I've been coding sites all day for months :(

Oh, and suggestions have been noted. Hope to have something upgraded soon for y'all. - Mar 02 2008
Ah-k. When you run sensors, does it show your core temp?

If so, what's the name of that label? - Feb 23 2008
Wait, what? - Jan 28 2008
Your wish is my command... or is it?

I'll see what I can do :) - Jan 26 2008
Wait, scratch that, all are missing. Have you run sensors-detect, or similar? Check the output of the sensors program to find out if it's picking everything up. - Jan 26 2008
You may not have the same sensors I do. Which ones are missing? - Jan 26 2008
Fixed! New tarball uploaded. Also, 2 more themes. - Jan 02 2008
Ah... thanks for catching that :) - Jan 02 2008
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