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Vladimir Mityukov

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Jan 13 2009
I've noticed, however, that I have "Reflektions" folder in the "~/.kde4/share/apps/desktoptheme/", so I've put a "metadata.desktop" file into this folder (copied from another custom theme: Produkt and then adjusted a bit), and then the "Reflektions" theme became available in the systemsettings.

When I choose it, however, I get some strange theme full of semitransparent areas. So, I've chosen "Air" again, and then "Fine-tuned" it to display Icons from "Reflections" theme.

My issue is solved, but I think that "install_ptheme" requires some extra love to make this stuff automatically. - Feb 23 2013
Can't have System tray icons matching the icons set.

Here's what I do:

1. Run 'install_ptheme' script from the distribution;

2. Choose an existing theme.
Note: there is no "Air" theme, in the list, so I choose "default"; not sure if it's right..

3. Leave suggested name for new theme: "Reflektions" as is;

4. Open System settings -> there is no "Reflektions" plasma theme in the list.

How could I have it working?

KDE 4.10 @ Archlinux - Feb 23 2013

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by b0noI
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Jul 18 2011
Looks pretty good. I wonder, however, what are the key points, making it different from YAGF? - Jun 28 2011

Plasma Themes 12 comments

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Feb 05 2010
Try to set Air's "Widget background" and "Transluent background". This worked just fine for me. - Jun 10 2010

Audio Extractors/Converters 8 comments

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Oct 02 2016
Cool! I have one suggestion, though.

One of the main reasons to split big FLAC files onto per-song tracks is the ability to upload songs to a portable device, I believe.

One of popuplar devices is iPod, which supports such good formats as .acc and .aiff (at least they are better than .mp3 and .wav; and .ogg is not supported on iPods, unluckily). So, can you make your program to support .aac and .aiff formats as well? - Jun 02 2010

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

by yitz
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Jun 01 2010
Have white checkbox Marks on White background background. Probably, because of no murrine engine installed (everything is much more plain and rectangular than on your screenshots).

Could you advise how to fix checkboxes in "plain GTK" (I can't install gtk engines on this machine..)? - Mar 12 2010

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Jul 26 2010
I would add this dependency to the README file. It's not obvious what package is required, having the variable name only. - Dec 31 2009
> the estimated frequency (3) is shown above and the estimated pitch (4) is shown below.

English is not my native lang... Can you explain what's the difference between "frequency" and "pitch" here?

10x in advance. - Dec 28 2009
Txt Reader

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by lsyer
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Nov 27 2014
I clicked "Instructions". How to get back to the text I've read before?.. - Nov 29 2009
I clicked "Instructions". How to get back to the text I've read before?.. - Nov 29 2009

Audio Extractors/Converters
by sokoloff

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Jun 02 2010

by Nikoli

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Apr 20 2010

KDE 2 Themes
by zakariya

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Apr 02 2010

by jamboarder

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Jan 14 2010
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Jan 11 2010

Audio Apps
by wylliam

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Dec 28 2009
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Jul 08 2009

Full Icon Themes
by linuxfever

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9   Feb 25 2013
AppMenu QML

Plasma 4 Extensions
by glad

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9   Oct 19 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions
by joseexposito89

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9   Aug 16 2011

Education Apps
by SeeLook

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9   Jul 28 2011
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9   Jul 08 2011

Office Apps
by b0noI

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9   Jun 28 2011
KHTML Userscript

by seba

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9   Apr 26 2011
Browse Chromium Bookmarks

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by gcala

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9   Jan 22 2011
Task Manager

Plasma 4 Extensions
by 8siem

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9   Jan 19 2011