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Music Production by glaurent 13 comments

I take it all back and apologize. As you may have guessed already: it was all my fault. Reading the Rosegarden FAQ (-> alsa.m4) and searching the web (-> PKG_... function) helped. Finally, I found out, that for some weird reason I hadn't set QTDIR and KDEDIR any more. Duh! Everything runs through smoothly now. Thanks to the Rosegarden developers. Very well done! - Dec 19 2004

Music Production by glaurent 13 comments

... and I haven't seen 1.0pre1 compile. Problems with aclocal, configure, linking problems etc. :-( - Dec 18 2004
roKy the amaroK wolf

Various Artwork by theobroma 10 comments

This is definitely my personal winner. Don't even need to see the others, although some of them were very good as well. :-) - Dec 12 2004

Music Production by glaurent 13 comments

for this excellent program! (I haven't seen 0.9.9 crash.) - Aug 05 2004

Office Apps by scribusdocs 61 comments

That's probably a freetype2 bug. It may be triggered by broken fonts, but that's no excuse for segfaults. I've got a solution: download the latest freetype2 from cvs and apply this esoteric patch:

RCS file: /cvs/freetype/freetype2/include/freetype/internal/ftserv.h,v
retrieving revision 1.13
diff -u -p -U1 -r1.13 ftserv.h
--- ftserv.h 2003/12/17 14:28:22 1.13
+++ ftserv.h 2004/05/05 17:18:46
@@ -220,2 +220,3 @@ FT_BEGIN_HEADER
*pptr = svc; \
+ printf("");\

The whole freetype2 is a huge macro mess, which kept me from trying to find a clean fix. - May 05 2004

System Software by Lapinot 29 comments

> You can achieve that with web shortcuts. Unfortunately, I had no
> time to find where they are saved and if it is possible to add new
> shortcuts automatically

{$KDEDIR,$KDEHOME}/share/services/searchproviders/ - Dec 10 2003

Application Styles
by skulptor

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