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Karamba & Superkaramba 1797 comments

by Matti
Score 46.0%
Jun 01 2008
Great. It'll be in the next release - due out this weekend.

Matt - Apr 29 2005
I'm about to upload a new version with a fix for this. Standby ....

Matt - Apr 24 2005
What's the location your trying to get information for?

Matt - Apr 24 2005
Yep. I'm keen. I'll respond later tho - gotta do some non-computer stuff.

Matt - Apr 23 2005
If you're using 3.11, then that's fixed in 4.0. If you're using 4.0, please email me with the output from a terminal.


Matt - Apr 23 2005
If that's the readme in the lwp directory, it is out of date. I'll remove it in the next release. The manual is now online, and will be the only readme - too hard to maintain in two places.

Matt - Apr 23 2005
Someone else had this problem. Edit the file ~/.superkaramba/liquid_weather.rc, and add a 1 or 0 at the end of the line that starts 'animstyle='

Matt - Apr 23 2005
I certainly don't get that behaviour. You might want to post your findings on the forums at

Matt - Apr 23 2005
Seems like it can't download/parse the data for the location you are trying. Please tell me the location. Also, try running it using the following command:

superkaramba /path/to/liquid_weather_plus/liquid_weather.theme

and tell me if that makes a difference.

Matt - Apr 23 2005
Fixed - Apr 23 2005
I shall. I'll email you with my experiences tonight.

Matt - Apr 21 2005
I wish ... Character encoding seems to be impossible (at least for me). I've done a some research and experimentation on this, to no avail. I am hoping that the next release of superkaramba has better character encoding implimentation than the current version. It's due out soon I think.

Matt - Apr 19 2005
To fix the 'configure menu' problems, make sure that you have kdialog installed. This comes standard with most distributions' version of kde, but if you're using gentoo, and split ebuilds, you may have missed this one.

Second, the point about kxdocker is a red herring. That line simply means that it's tested as to whether kxdocker is installed, and found that it's not.

The left click, middle click thing is hard to diagnose. I presume that you are clicking on clickable areas (usually indicated by the cursor changing to a hand). If you've toggled off the locked position option in the menu, then you need to double click to get anything to work.

Matt - Apr 18 2005
run it from a terminal, and email me the output (get address by clicking my name above).

Matt - Apr 16 2005
The "feels like" temperature is the "R" temperature on the front (Relative temperature after windchill).

In terms of sky condition translation errors. Tell me what it is so I can fix it.

Matt - Apr 10 2005
Cool. I thought it sounded a bit odd. I'll try to fix the auto-update bug this weekend.


Matt - Apr 08 2005
No, it shouldn't be an integer, but there is a bug with recording the delay time. I'll fix it in the next release.

Have you played with the code in to get that error?

Matt - Apr 07 2005
proxy support is already built in. Run it like this:

export http_proxy="http://username:password@proxy.url:port" && superkaramba /path/to/liquid_weather.theme

That's all on one line by the way. Otherwise put the line:

export http_proxy="http://username:password@proxy.url:port"

in your ~/.bashrc file.

Matt - Apr 07 2005
SKv0.35 was an abbreviation.

emerge -s superkaramba

if it says its got 0.34 installed, then add the relevant line to /etc/portage/package.keywords to unmask v0.35.

Looking at the gentoo documentation on how to operate portage might help.

Matt - Apr 06 2005
If you're using gentoo, make sure that you've got SKv0.35 installed. It's masked, so you'll need to add it to your package.keywords file.

Matt - Apr 06 2005
Are you clicking on the button or the map? You need to middle click on the button for it to work.

Matt - Apr 05 2005
Middle click on what? Then I can tell if what you are clicking actually has a function attached to it.

Matt - Apr 04 2005
Try disabling threading from the Configure menu.

Matt - Apr 03 2005
Not a bad idea. I'll think about it - it may breach the terms of the xml feed, but I'll check.

Matt - Apr 01 2005
Run it in a terminal and send me the output.


Matt - Apr 01 2005
Neither nor BBC update more often than hourly, so it's pointless.

Matt - Mar 27 2005
run it like this:

export http_proxy="http://user:pass@proxy.url:port && superkaramba /path/to/liquid_weather.theme

You'll have to replace the place holders with actual data.

Matt - Mar 27 2005
rade8 - Mar 20 2005
Yes. click on my name above to get email addy.

Matt - Mar 14 2005
Sorry, I should also add thanks for the offer. Just making sure you know what you might be in for. - Mar 13 2005
Are you happy to chew through 30-40GB per month?

Matt - Mar 13 2005
email me the relevant sky condition, and I can fix the error. - Mar 13 2005
I'll check it out. - Mar 12 2005
What city?

Matt - Mar 11 2005
Which translation?

Matt - Mar 11 2005
There is something very broken about your setup. Can you try recompiling superkaramba from source? - Mar 11 2005
Can you run it from a terminal, and email me the output - just click on my name above to get my addy.

Matt - Mar 11 2005
Have you manually changed your config file? The URL that's being used to get data is invalid. I don't know how it can have got that way, as the program shouldn't generate a URL that looks like that. Delete ~/.superkaramba/liquid_weather.rc, and then configure the theme from within the theme using the configure menu.

Matt - Mar 07 2005
And which error might that be? Please at least give the bare minimum information that might be required to help.

Matt - Mar 06 2005
The server is temporarily down. Should be back tomorrow.


Matt - Mar 06 2005
You're welcome. It helps with some of the newer backgrounds, which have both light and dark areas.

Matt - Mar 05 2005
I didn't create any of the backgrounds sorry.

Matt - Mar 05 2005
Run it from a terminal like this:

export http_proxy='http://user:pass@proxy.url:port' && superkaramba /path/to/liquid_weather.theme

Obviously, you'll have to put in your own specific details.

Matt - Mar 05 2005
second to last item on configure menu:

"Enable font shadows"

Matt - Mar 05 2005
No, there's a parsing error in getting the hourly forecast. Tell me the location, and I'll have a look at it.

Matt - Mar 04 2005
what location are you trying to get info for.

Matt - Mar 04 2005
Can you email me the full output (click on my name above for the addy).


Matt - Feb 27 2005
are you using BBC or as a weather source? Also, what is the location you're trying to get weather for?

Matt - Feb 27 2005
Have you got superkaramba v0.34? If so, upgrade to 0.35. If you have 0.35, make sure that the version you have (if a binary), was compiled against your version of python.

Matt - Feb 21 2005
two new backgrounds for liquid weather plus

Karamba & Superkaramba 4 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 16 2005
these in liquid weather over the course of the next few days.

Matt - Apr 16 2005
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