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Karamba & Superkaramba 3 comments

by Matti
Score 50.0%
Dec 02 2006
Yep, that's what's coming next. I just wanted to get this out there, so that people could try it out.

Matt - Dec 08 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 16 comments

by Matti
Score 50.0%
May 01 2007
Well that's embarrasing. If I'd read line 2, I'd have it sorted :).


Matt - Dec 06 2005
Ok, I had a hunt round for this in the python standard library modules, and can't find anything relevant. Can you give me a bit more info on this?


Matt - Dec 05 2005
I'd love to, but how? - Dec 04 2005
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba 1797 comments

by Matti
Score 46.0%
Jun 01 2008
Have a look at this to see if it fixes it: - Dec 04 2005
Run it from a terminal, and post the output. Also, please post help requests to the liquid weather forums - - this way, you're more likely to get help, and your query will be searchable for others.


Matt - Dec 04 2005
Hmmm. I'm running gentoo with kde 3.5 also. It's updating fine for me. Sometimes, the first time it updates, it takes more than an hour. Please wait at least two hours before reloading to make sure that it's not just a mismatch between the .theme update time and the .py update time.

Matt - Dec 02 2005
make sure you have kdialog installed. If you're using gentoo, you have to install it separately now due to the split ebuilds for kde.

Matt - Dec 01 2005

Why? - Dec 01 2005
See here:

for a "do-it-yourself" fix. Another reason to use the forums :-). I'll upload a new version tonight.

Matt - Nov 20 2005
I'll fix that tonight. Please post bugs on the forums, as it's easier to follow/search.


Matt - Nov 20 2005
You need xorg-6.8 or greater, you need kde3.4 or greater, or a composite manager of some description, and you need to turn on the composite extension in your x server. Look at the Desktop section of my website ( for a more detailed explanation.

Matt - Nov 15 2005
So what version of python are you using.

When you type "python" at the console, what si the output?

Matt - Oct 21 2005
Now you've put KDE_LANG=it in your ~/.bashrc, what does:

echo $KDE_LANG


In answer to your questions:

1. They are probably using different mechanisms to determine your locale.

2. Not that strange - you are setting the KDE_LANG variable before launching. The thing I don't understand is why it's not being set by your .bashrc. What distro are you using?

Matt - Oct 18 2005
When you enter KDE_LANG=it in a terminal, the variable is set for that shell. When you restart, superkaramba starts in another shell, and the variable is not set in that shell. To set it in all shells, you'll need to add it to your ~/.bashrc.

Put in a line like:

export KDE_LANG=it

Then restart kde.

Matt - Oct 17 2005
kicker == kxdocker - find it on kde-look. There are ebuilds on the site - also seems to be in mainstream portage now.

The iconset is OS-L - also on kde-look.

Matt - Oct 15 2005
Sorry for delay in responding.

Don't understand the error then.

Please open a terminal, and type:


you should then get a >>> prompt.

please type:

foo = sys.stdout.encoding


print foo

What do you get?

Matt - Oct 02 2005
My pick is that you're using a version of superkaramba 7.0. Upgrade to SK-0.37, and see if that helps. - Sep 22 2005

imgseek is another pyqt application. remember google is your friend.

Matt - Sep 22 2005
That's odd. I'll have a look into it.

Matt - Sep 21 2005
I can't find any reference to /home/matt in the source code, other than in two unused functions that are currently in testing. These functions aren't being used, so I'm not sure why you were having an issue. I suspect that it was caused by something else. - Sep 20 2005
What version of pyqt are you running. Please run the theme from a terminal, and email me the output - click on my name above to find my address.

Matt - Sep 15 2005
Sorry, ignore my other reply. You are running a version of liquid weather that is greater than 7.0 with superkaramba v0.36. You need to upgrade superkaramba.

Matt - Aug 24 2005
Sorry, the version of pyqt I've got seems to produce incompatible code. I've fixed it now, so re-download.


Matt - Aug 24 2005
I suspect that you are using an AMD64 chip with python 2.3 and superkaramba 0.37 and trying to load an .skz file. This combo does not work. Either upgrade to python 2.4, or unpack the .skz file (it's just a zip file), and run liquid weather using the .theme file.

Matt - Aug 23 2005
That's odd.

Go to a terminal, and type:


Then when you get a >>> prompt, type:

import qt

What do you get?

Matt - Aug 18 2005
run it from a terminal, and send me the output. click on my name above to get my email address.

Matt - Aug 17 2005
It's hard without any output from a terminal to debug. One possibility is that you're running an AMD64 with python 2.3. If that's the case, then you need to run python 2.4 to use .skz files. If you don't want to upgrade python, then you'll need to unpack the .skz file (it's just a zip file), and then run it using the .theme file.

Matt - Aug 09 2005
Open a terminal, type "superkaramba". What version of liquid weather are you using?

Matt - Aug 07 2005
This is a limitation of superkaramba. You could post a feature request on

Matt - Aug 07 2005
You don't need to. Just use the configuration menu/dialog to search for your location on Just type ljubljana into the dialog, and your location should be found. - Aug 07 2005
The most likely cause is that you are using a version of liquid weather that reequires superkaramba version 0.37, and you don't have 0.37 installed. However, given that you've provided almost no useful information, it's very hard to tell. Please run it from a terminal, and email me the output - click on my name to get my email address.

Matt - Aug 04 2005
You seem to have stumbled on a bug. It's the tooltips for the sky conditions that's causing it. Though I'm unsure as to why, given that the other tooltips are fine, with just as many non-ascii characters as the conditions tooltips, and the conditions in the body of the theme display without crashing. However, I've only looked at it for about 5 minutes before work, so I'll look again tonight to try and fix it.

Matt - Aug 03 2005
The theme should pick up your language from the locale setting in kde. If not, set it by starting superkaramba like:

KDE_LANG=[lang] superkaramba

where [lang] is your language's two letter i18n code - so German = de, French = fr etc.

Matt - Aug 03 2005
You shouldn't need to decompress it if you've got superkaramba v0.37. You should be able to double click it and it'll just run. If you don't have superkaramba v0.37, then it it won't work anyway.

It's just a zip file, so unzip it.

Matt - Aug 01 2005
That doesn't make sense. Those files are temporary, and are only created while the config is shown. They are deleted everytime the config gui is closed, so they should never be there when the config gui is started - and yet I get none of these errors on my box.

Please email me the entire error message, so I can see the context.

My email addy can be obtained by clicking on my name above.


Matt - Aug 01 2005
Well it's good to see that it's working! - Jul 31 2005
The "config_gui=true" line should be irrelevant. I am going to fix this in the next release, but it shouldn't affect launching the config gui.

SO, please run superkaramba from a terminal, and email me the output when you click on the menu item. Then I can fix it. Your fix is not addressing the underlying problem.

Please also check out 8.1, and see if it fixes it.


Matt - Jul 31 2005
I think I've fixed this in v8.1 - please try, and tell me if it works.


Matt - Jul 31 2005
run superkaramba from a terminal, and email me the output - click on my name above to get the email address. Also try 8.1 to see if that fixes it.

Matt - Jul 31 2005
Are you using the latest version of superkaramba - ie. v0.37? - Jul 28 2005
Up until now, I've never successfully managed to compile pyqt. However, gentoo now seems to have an ebuild that works, and it's installed.

Now all I need to do is learn how to make a config dialog - expect this to take some time!

Matt - Jul 23 2005
That's not a very helpful bug report. Please explain what version of lwp you have, what version of superkaramba. Please also run it from a terminal, and post the output.

Matt - Jul 21 2005
You're right. It only seems to affect Canberra - I'll have a look into it.

Matt - Jun 29 2005
Although Ryan says to use threading, I'm not sure that this will help. LWP already has threading for downloading data. There seems to be a bug in superkaramba that won't allow me to redraw the widget before the theme starts downloading data on startup, so the splash screen I have that tells you to be patient won't display. I've posted a bug report for this.

I don't think this is a major issue at the moment.

Matt - Jun 28 2005
Run it from a terminal, and email me the output. click on my name above to get my address.

Matt - Jun 24 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 289 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 04 2008
You could try using the codecs module to encode/decode unicode strings before displaying. Only problem is you'll have to find out what encoding they're in before you can encode/decode.

Matt - Sep 26 2005
KDE DVDAuthor Wizard

Video Apps 219 comments

Score 50.0%
May 29 2007
This is a great piece of work. DVD authoring on linux has been a nightmare for quite some time. The only reasonable option was DVDlab via wine. While this application lacks the flexibility and power of dvdlab, it is quick, easy, and produces great results when you need to make a basic dvd with a simple, but attractive menu in a hurry.

Thanks for this gem!

Matt - Aug 10 2005
De Drop Shadow

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 14 comments

by zammi
Score 50.0%
Jul 31 2005
I just put the dock window size slider down to 0 in the shadow tab.

Matt - Aug 01 2005
I'm sure there's an option for configuring this in kcontrol centre. I don't have any issues with superkaramba themes, or kxdocker.

Matt - Aug 01 2005
Event Calendar

Plasma 5 Calendars
by Zren

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9   Jul 28 2016
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9   May 19 2014
Hex Lite

by garthecho

Score 81.8%
9   Mar 25 2014