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mat moul , Switzerland
Plasma 5 Menus
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Plasma 5 Menus 35 comments

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Sep 06 2015
What do you mean with "This is still archived" ?
Because plasma-custom-desktop-menu need to build a library, I can't provide an easy download method.
plasma-custom-desktop-menu is available on Arch Linux AUR, for other system, you need to build it manually but it's work very well. - Jul 02 2019
Where are your posts ?
No issue on github and no message from you on this page ??? - Mar 03 2019
Thank for your comments...
I've made firstly this code for me and when I saw the result, I've shared it...
But as developper, I thought it was superfluous to better describe the configuration ... - Jun 14 2018
I just tested kbuildsyscoca5 in KDE Neon before installing my project and I receive these errors to...

After Install, I have selected the new menu in desktop parameters and the desktop has crashed.
But se second time, it work...

To participate, your welcome on the github project :
Use issues to comment problem
You can also fork the projet, edit file and make Pull Request - Dec 11 2016
It's not plasma 5.8, on archlinux it work very well...
I just tested on KDE Neon and I encounter a similar problem.
Need work... - Nov 27 2016
Sorry, last version is 2016.

I just ask it because on old version default settings, command for shutdown and reboot use qdbus-qt4...
Last version use qdbus-qt5.

Actually not tested on Debian (unstable)...

If you want evolution for this, it's best to use issues on github project :

@+ - Jun 09 2016
You need to click on your desktop before make the alt+d+s.
The menu editor is shown in the third screenshot. - Jun 07 2016
For me, on plasma 5.6.4, all working except favorites...
Waht's your version of plasma-custom-desktop-menu ?
normally 2015.
Check with alt+D+S, Go to mouse actions and click on the info button of Custom Desktop Menu.
Ans use the edit button to edit your menu. - Jun 07 2016
Hello, thanks for your return on Fedora.

Favorites is not usable at this time because kde-apps have changed the config file. I need to work on it... - May 29 2016
You have many solutions to customize the menu.

One line is one menu item.
The menu follow the order of the config.

Keyword :
{favorites} : include favorite from KickOff. (manage favorites from KickOff)
# : comment/disable an item. (unused line can be deleted)
- : separator.
[menu][end] : child menu (can be concatened).
{programs} : include applications menu.
{programs} System/ : include applications system menu.

Apps and commands :
desktop file : /usr/share/applications/org.kde.konsole.desktop
command : Text [TAB] Icon [TAB] Command Arguments
- Jan 26 2016

If you see the desktop file path is that is because the file does not exist.

for kcontact5 :
/usr/share/applications/org.kde.kontact.desktop - Jan 26 2016
Right click to your desktop and select desktop settings (ALT+D,S)
Go to mouse actions and select Custom Desktop Menu on a mouse event.
Next, you can edit the menu with the first of the three last button.

To add an app, just found the .desktop file.
Firefox and chromium as exemple :
- Jan 23 2016
New version 2016. is online,
you can test with OpenSuse

Don't forget the last 2 commands listed at the end of the installation - Jan 20 2016
I just tested and found changes to make.
A little hard to explain like that.
I will try to release a new version for the end of the week.
@ + - Jan 19 2016

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 3 comments

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May 20 2015

On the default right click menu, desktop settings, go to Mouse Actions and on action with Custom Menu, you have an icon at right to configure it (In screenshot, this is the first of the three last button).

- Nov 05 2015