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Plasma 4 Widgets 42 comments

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Jun 05 2008
Unfortunately PeachyDock isn't in a working state right now... Didn't have any time left the last couple of weeks, but I hope (and think) I'll get to it soon... - Jul 18 2008
Seems like there's a problem with the CMake configuration. But I'm not sure... Did you already compile something else successfully with CMake? - Apr 23 2008
Changed that in the sources. Glad it works now...

It doesn't work in the panel yet. I'm not even sure if this is the way to go or if PrettyTasks should get it's own containment... But it's on my TODO list. - Apr 07 2008
Fixed. - Apr 07 2008
Done. - Apr 07 2008
Does it work now? I'm sorry I can't test it myself but I don't have KDE 4.0.x installed here... - Apr 07 2008

Audio Apps 5 comments

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Dec 10 2006
Install the KDE development package I guess...? - Dec 07 2007
Jost click into the textbox where you enter the beat with the middle button repeatedly with the speed you want the metronome to be. Just like you would clap to the beat... - Dec 12 2006