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Nov 16 2014
Great and thanks! - Nov 16 2014
Strange. Sorry, maybe my mistake. Fixed that. - Feb 02 2013

there is a "half-ready" Audex 0.8 (mainly some libs). At the moment I'm too busy unfortunately.

Regards - Jan 20 2013

there is a "half-ready" Audex 0.8 (mainly some libs). At the moment I'm too busy unfortunately.

Regards - Jan 20 2013
Added this for Audex 0.75 beta 1. Already in Audex SVN. - Jan 30 2011
Okay, this seems to be a more complicated problem. I need to analyze the whole part of Audex, this would take some time, as I can't even reproduce this on my machine (Debian SID). - Jan 30 2011
Thank you for the hint. I've just fixed that in svn. - Jan 30 2011
After reading the code I'm quite sure, that I've found the problem. Fixed for 0.74 beta 1. - Jan 13 2011
By now it's only available in kde svn (

But within the next few days I'm going to release 0.74 beta 1. - Jan 12 2011
If you rightclick on the cover there should pop up a context menu with some cover options like loading a custom image file as cover.

If this does not work or you wish another option there please report Audex and KDE Version and your distribution. Thanks. - Jan 11 2011
You could load the CD in another rip program and look for the disc id. On Debian/Kubuntu you could install cd-discid (apt-get install cd-discid), run in commandline and see the discid.
- Jan 08 2011
click on edit data in audex. it is the last line: "Disc ID". - Jan 07 2011
can you send me the discid of the cd? - Jan 07 2011
done for audex 0.74 beta 1. Allows ogg vorbis non-integer quality values in 0.1 steps. - Jan 07 2011
What system (distribution/kde version/kernel)?
Is the crash reproducible? - Jan 07 2011
Thank you for the hint. Changed that for 0.73 beta 2. - Jan 07 2011
1. I think it is an "enrichment" if there is more than one program for a common problem - so development continues.

So you could ask why there's rekonq, as we have konqueror already. Why someone developed dolphin for KDE3, as konqueror could do the same?
Why KDE, we have GNOME. And so on...

2. Audex Version 0.1 is from 2005 and was my first Qt4 application. I don't know, if k3b had audio cd ripping capabilities at this time.
- Jan 06 2011
If the problem still exists with recent kde and 0.73 please make a bug report. Thank you so far. - Jan 06 2011
All I can say at this time: I think this is a "feature" of libkcddb. Audex uses libkcddb and can't recognize if "2010" is fetched from database or just set, because it has not been found.
But I'm going to have a closer look at this. - Jan 06 2011
Thank for reporting. I'm going to have a closer look at this problem for Audex 0.73 beta 2. - Jan 06 2011
Thanks for the hint. I've fixed this for 0.73 beta 2. - Jan 06 2011
I am just thinking about what's the best way to implement a double encode feature.
Some people have asked for that.
But not before Audex 0.81. - Jan 18 2010
With audex 0.80 it will be (intuitively) possible to rip even simultaneously from several cd drives connected to your system. - Jan 18 2010

I'm sorry, but this is by now only possible with a custom command line pattern.
Best way is to create a small bash script you can use in your custom profile definition.

But Audex 0.8 will have an "clickable" option for replay gain tags.

regards, marco - Dec 11 2009

ok, I'll keep that in mind. At the moment I'm quite busy, because I'm doing a complete rework on audex base.

And I'm going to test with external usb drives, of course.

Thanks, Marco - Dec 11 2009
Hej igen,

okay, I've just implemented and commited this in my working pause ;-)

So you can use a variable like this

${artist substr="true" substr_pos="0" substr_length="1"}

to fetch the first letter of the artists' name.

The resulting string that contains substr_length characters of the artists name, starting at the specified position substr_pos.

Of course you can combine this with the uppercase="true" option, in order to get the first letter upcased.

${artist substr="true" substr_pos="0" substr_length="1" uppercase="true"}

will give you e.g. "M" for the artist "meat loaf".

I haven't tested this yet, but I'm quite sure, that it works.

Regards, marco - Nov 09 2009
okay, that's no problem to implement this in Audex.

I'm just working on version 0.80 with full cue sheet support. I really hope I can release it before christmas.
But if you are familar with compiling just check out the most recent version from Audex from KDE playground next week. I will have implemented this feature then.
If you need more help, just write me a message here.

Thank you very much for this suggestion! - Nov 09 2009
ok, thanks for the hint. I will check this.

Audex just uses in case of Linux the "normal" operating system function (statvfs) to get the free size. - Nov 09 2009

this is a known problem with lame and utf-8. Maybe I find a way to workaround this issue (force using iso-8859-x for lame).

Thank you, best regards, Marco - Nov 09 2009
What do you mean with "a way to show how to organize the path/name"?

I think with the profiles you have a full control over the way how path/name are being organized.

Regards, Marco - Nov 09 2009

there a two ways:

1. check out the most recent version of Audex from KDE SVN and compile audex:

svn co svn://

mkdir build
cmake ..
(sudo) make install

2. define a custom profile with your own oggenc commandline.

thank you for using audex.

regards, marco - Nov 02 2009
I'm going to change a lot on "Audex' base", so the chance may be good, to get it work with the upcoming Audex 0.80. - Nov 02 2009
I'm sorry for that. Maybe this is because you have 2 drives installed.

I'm going to check this, as soon as I get a second drive for my system.

Thank you. - Oct 18 2009
Sorry, I don't understand...
The cover should be stored in the ripping target directory after the ripping process is finished. - Oct 18 2009
>It would be nice if when the disc is >not Various Artists it automaticly set >the artist to the album artist.

Yes, as far as I remember, this should already been done. But I will check this.

>Also it would be awesome if you could >add an option for the number of tracks >on the CD.

Do you mean as a variable in the filename mask?

Thank you. - Oct 18 2009
the auto search function for covers does not work yet.

there are some legal problems, which I have to clarify. maybe someone can help me with this point (Germany). this sux.

so I decided just to use google image search for covers until further notice. - Sep 09 2009
sorry, i've just fixed that...
recent version compiles for me now. - Sep 09 2009
I'm also working on an accurate ripping feature, but will not work before Version 0.80. - Sep 09 2009
Yes, I know. If you are familiar with compiling you can clone a copy from git:

git clone git://

This version fetches covers from Google image search.
Needs somewhat testing, but it is going to be Version 0.72 beta 1.
Unfortunately I don't have the time to push Audex development. - Sep 09 2009
Thanks alot! - Jul 30 2009
Audex make use of the lame presets you can see with

lame --preset help

They are called the same as in audex (medium, standard, extreme, insane)

I'm not sure, but I think with LAME the presets according to this command line settings:

--preset standard == -V 2
--preset extreme == -V 0
--preset insane == -b 320

Beyond this you can define your own profile with custom encoder and give LAME parameters you want. - Jul 17 2009
It seems to be the "musicbrainz-issue". Please try do deactivate MusicBrainz (use only CDDB) and report. Thank you. - Jul 04 2009
Oh, that's an great idea!
I will integrate this feature in Audex 0.72. - Jul 04 2009
That's an interesting option for version 0.80.
I can't promise, but if there are no bigger problems to solve I will see what I can do. - Jun 27 2009
I don't know which distribution you are using, but it seems, that you are missing cdda paranoia libs or just the headers.

in debian you could solve this with

apt-get install libcparanoia-dev

for example. - Jun 27 2009
so you are not able to rip with your plextor, but with your lite-on?

since some users reported problems with 2 cd/dvd drives in one computer, I'm going to build a system with 2 drives to test.
My systems all have only 1 drive by now.

ripping speed:
this is something depending on cdparanoia, because I use functions from this lib to extract the cdda data.
due to perfect extraction quality cdparanoia is in general somewhat slower compared to other libs. so this could be normal. - Jun 10 2009
I'm going to check this. - Jun 10 2009
thanks, I will take a closer look at this within the next days - Jun 10 2009
I have questions first:

What distribution do you use? Have you tried Version 0.71b2?

And you can execute LAME just from your bash command line. LAME binary is in $PATH variable? - Jun 02 2009

two questions:

1. have you tried each of your two single drives?
2. what drives (manufacture, model) do you have?

maybe you can send me the complete console output. you'll find my email on the audex page.

best regards, marco - May 27 2009

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Jan 21 2011

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